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Posted Oct 27, 2006
Site continuity.org.uk

Continuity is a free security convention running from 1st to the 3rd December 2006 in Manchester, United Kingdom, open to anyone with a interest in computer security, hacking, phone phreaking, telephony, cryptography, internet security/privacy, urban exploration, social engineering and related subjects.

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The 2006 Continuity Security Convention

Continuity '06

1st December - 3rd December 2006
Manchester, UK

Continuity is a free security convention open to anyone with an
interest in computer security, hacking, phone phreaking,
telephony, cryptography, warez, internet security/privacy,
urban exploration and related subjects.

One of our key aims with Continuity is to gather together as
many people as possible who were on the old school BBS's like
DaC, Terminal Boredom, Unauthorised Access, Urban XTC, 1066,
and the many others, or attended hacker conferences like
Access All Areas, Controversy, Conspiracy, Catastrophe and
DNSCon, along with people who have attended any of the monthly
UK 2600 meetings.

We would also like to see anybody there with a current interest
in computer security and related subjects even if they have
never been on a BBS or to a conference before.


Continuity is a completely FREE event


It has always been our contention that security conventions are
for socialising and with that in mind our programme is firmly
based around meeting new people and having interesting
conversations over drinks.

It will of course also be an excuse for a massive piss up and

All our venues have now been booked and continuity will take
place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December 2006.

We will be having a buffet at 7:00pm on Friday night in a city
centre pub to celebrate 11 years of Manchester 2600 Meetings
and to welcome Continuity guests to Manchester.

While Continuity is firmly based around socialising John
Wignall is running his DNSCon 9 conference in Manchester during
the day for those of you who want to see some talks at your
convention. We believe there is a 5 pound registration fee for
DNSCon 9.

On Saturday evening we have the main Continuity event in a large
city centre venue where we will be holding a free party from
7:00pm until 2:00am with a fully licensed bar. Due to licensing
restrictions this event is only available to those over 18 years

Lastly for any stragglers on Sunday we will be meeting for final
drinks and brunch before everyone makes their way home.


See the web page for full details on accommodation:


See the web page for full details on transport:


If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to
email us at info@continuity.org.uk


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