what you don't know can hurt you


Posted May 7, 2004
Authored by Konstantin Ryabitsev

Hilarious take on how Red Hat is changing over to Fedora and letting the community know how things will work in general.

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<TITLE>Re: fedora core 3 goals.</TITLE>
<LINK REV="made" HREF="mailto:icon@linux.duke.edu">
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<h1>Re: fedora core 3 goals.</h1>
<li><em>From</em>: Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon linux duke edu></li>
<li><em>To</em>: Development discussions related to Fedora Core <fedora-devel-list redhat com></li>
<li><em>Subject</em>: Re: fedora core 3 goals.</li>
<li><em>Date</em>: Mon, 03 May 2004 20:33:58 -0400</li>
<tt>Mike Chambers wrote:
</tt><blockquote style="border-left: #0000FF solid 0.1em; margin: 0em; padding-left: 1.0em"><pre style="margin: 0em;">I think Red Hat went out on a limb and went ahead and told everyone what
was going to happen with changing to Fedora and letting us in on how
this thing will work in general.
</pre></blockquote><tt><br>Let me, err, relay how things are looking from outside of RH in the
format everyone will understand...</tt><br>
<pre style="margin: 0em;">--- BEGIN IRC LOG ---
<rh_pr> We are announcing Red Hat Project! A community-based
<oss_crowd> rh_pr: Neat.
<rh_dev> rh_pr: Uh... I'm not ready.
* rh_pr is away: promoting rhel
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: what do we do?
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: I'm not sure.
<rh_legal> rh_dev: don't do anything until I say it's ok.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: what can we do to help with Red Hat Project?
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: uh... file bugs and help test things.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: didn't we always do that?
<rh_sales> hey, all, if you really want a stable system, don't use
fedora project. It will eat your brane. Buy RHEL instead.
<rh_dev> rh_sales: stfu
--- rh_pr removes voice from rh_sales
<fedora_us> hey, all, check out our neat community-driven system for
red hat development
<oss_crowd> fedora_us: ooooh!
<rh_pr> fedora_us: I like your name
--- fedora_rh joined the channel
<rh_legal> much better
<rh_pr> We are announcing Fedora Project! A community-driven
<oss_crowd> rh_pr: Neat!
* fedora_rh waves
<fedora_us> I'm not dead yet.
<fedora_rh> fedora_us: don't confuse things.
<fedora_us> fedora_rh: does this mean we're merging?
<fedora_rh> fedora_us: maybe
<rh_legal> fedora_rh: don't do anything until I say it's ok.
--- fedora_us joined #limbo
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: so, what can we do to help?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: uh... file bugs and help test things.
<oss_crowd> sigh... didn't we always do that?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: I know, let's all go in the circle and say our
* oss_crowd goes in the circle and says their names. This
lasts several months.
<fedora_rh> So, there will be the following features in the next
release of Fedora Core.
<oss_crowd> Uh... Hold on. Who gets to decide?
<rh_sales> We do. That stuff will be neato for RHEL-4.
<oss_crowd> MMkay, then. When do _we_ get to suggest things?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: feel free to talk among yourselves.
* oss_crowd talks among themselves about new features.
<fedora_rh> btw, feature X will be disabled in the release.
* oss_crowd glares at fedora_rh
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: nice of you to tell us while we were sitting
here talking.
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: sorry, it's just not happening.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: when do we get to decide what's happening?
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: Dunno, I'll ask rh_legal
<rh_legal> rh_dev: ugh, /msg me
<rh_sales> rh_dev: let's not do anything rash here.
* fedora_us gets tired of sitting in #limbo
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: I want to see more of the "community" part of
the whole "community-based" thing
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: how about at least a publicly accessible CVS/SVN
<rh_dev> oss_crowd: Yeah, that would be cool.
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: finally, some movement. When is that going to be
* rh_dev is away: talking to rh_legal
* oss_crowd tries to occupy themselves and do things like
fedoranews and fedorapeople.
<oss_crowd> Uh... ping?
<fedora_uh> oss_crowd: what's up?
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: We're feeling kinda useless. What exactly is our
role, again?
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: well, it would be really helpful if you could
test some things and file the bugs.
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: ugh. We ALWAYS did that.
* oss_crowd begins to wonder what exactly is the purpose of
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: it's the open-development, proving-grounds for
new technology component of Red Hat, as opposed to RHEL.
<rh_sales> Told ya it'll eat your brane.
--- rh_pr kicks rh_sales from the channel (you're a dolt)
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: so, let me get this straight. Effectively, you
want us to download the packages you release, test things,
file bugs, and submit patches.
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: Sure, why not?
<oss_crowd> ...but when it comes to things like features, direction of
the project, and which software to include in the
distribution, it's the decision of Red Hat?
* fedora_rh is away: I AM RH
<fedora_us> I'm still not dead.
<oss_crowd> fedora_rh: How is that different from how things were
before the whole "publicly-supported distribution" thing?
<oss_crowd> rh_dev: where is that long-promised public CVS/SVN repo?
<rh_dev> dunno, talk to fedora_rh
<fedora_rh> oss_crowd: look, such things don't happen in a week, ok?
<oss_crowd> IT'S BEEN A YEAR!
--- rh_sales joined the channel
<oss_crowd> /mode +b rh_sales
--- You're not ops in here.
<oss_crowd> figures
--- END IRC LOG ---</pre><br>
<pre style="margin: 0em;">Cheers,
Konstantin ("Icon") Ryabitsev
Duke Physics Systems Admin, RHCE
I am looking for a job in Canada!
<a href="http://linux.duke.edu/~icon/cajob.ptml">http://linux.duke.edu/~icon/cajob.ptml</a>
<a href="pgp00010.pgp" ><tt>signature.asc</tt></a></strong><br>
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