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Posted Jul 7, 2000
Authored by Roelof Temmingh | Site sensepost.com

Default Passwords for many network switches and devices. Includes many 3com products, ACC, AcceleratedDSL, ADC, Alteon, Arrowpoint, AT&T, AXIS200, Bay routers and switches, BreezzeCOM, Cabletron, Cayman_DSL, Crystalview, digiCorp, DLink, Flowpoint, Jetform_design, Lantronics, Linksys, Livingston, Microplex, Motorola, Netopia, Netprint, Orbitor_console, Osicom, Shiva, SpeedstreamDSL, UClinux_for_UCsimm, Webramp, Xylan, Zyxel, and more. Another nice list of default passwords is here.

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Default usernames and passwords for Routers/Switches/Hubs and others thingies

Type/vendor/notes/etc Username Password

3Com admin synnet
3Com read synnet
3Com write synnet
3Com monitor monitor
3Com manager manager
3Com security security
3Com_Office_Connect_5x0_ISDN_Routers n/a PASSWORD
3comCellPlex7000 tech tech
3comCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 debug synnet
3comCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 tech tech
3comHiPerARCv4.1.x adm <blank>
3ComLANplex2500 debug synnet
3ComLANplex2500 tech tech
3comLinkSwitch2000/2700 tech tech
3comSuperStackIISwitch 2200 debug
3comSuperStackIISwitch 2700 tech
ACC(Ericsson) netman netman
ADC_Kentrox_Pacesetter_Router n/a secret
All_Zyxel_equipment n/a 1234
AT&T_3B2_firmware n/a mcp
AXIS200/240[netcam] root pass
Bay_routers Manager <blank>
Bay_routers User <blank>
Bay350T_Switch n/a NetICs
BaySuperstackII security security
BRASX/I01_(DataCom) n/a letmein
BreezeCOM_adapters2.x(console_only) n/a laflaf
BreezeCOM_adapters3.x(console_only) n/a Master
BreezeCOM_adapters4.x(console_only) n/a Super
Cayman_DSL n/a <blank>
Crystalview_outsideview32 n/a crystal
digiCorp_(viper?) n/a BRIDGE
digiCorp_(viper?) n/a password
DLink_hub/switches D-Link D-Link
Flowpoint_DSL_installed_by_Covad n/a password
Flowpoint_DSL2000 admin admin
Jetform_design Jetform n/a
Lantronics_Terminal_server_port 7000 n/a
Lantronics_Terminal_server_port 7000 n/a
Linksys_DSL n/a admin
Livingston_IRX_router !root <blank>
Livingston_officerouter !root <blank>
Livingston_portmaster2/3 !root <blank>
Microplex_print_server root root
Motorola-Cablerouter cablecom router
Netopia_7100 <blank> <blank>
Netopia_9500 netopia netopia
Orbitor_console n/a password
Orbitor_console n/a BRIDGE
Osicom(Datacom) sysadm sysadm
Shiva root <blank>
Shiva Guest <blank>
SpeedstreamDSL(Efficient) n/a admin
UClinux_for_UCsimm root uClinux
Webramp wradmin trancell
Alteon ACEswitch 180e (web) admin admin
Alteon ACEswitch 180e (telnet) admin <blank>
NETPrint (all) n/a sysadm
Xylan Omniswitch admin switch
Xylan Omniswitch diag switch
AcceleratedDSL CPE and DSLAM sysadm anicust
Arrowpoint admin system
Cabletron (routers & switches) <blank> <blank>



Contributed by:

Stephen Friedl <friedl@mtndew.com>
Sebastian Andersson <bofh@diegeekdie.com>
Jonathan Leto <jonathan@leto.net>
Mike Blomgren <mike.blomgren@knowit.se>
Knud Erik Højgaard <knud@cybercity.dk>
Roelof Temmingh <roelof@sensepost.com>
Axel Dunkel <ad@Dunkel.de>
Mathias Bogaert" <pathos@pandora.be>
extracts from "Hacking Exposed"
Jonathan Leto <jonathan@leto.net>
Chris Owen <chris@totalconnect.com>
Jim Wildman <jim@rossberry.com>
Santiago Zapata <szapata@creatos.com.mx>
Brian S. DuRoss <briand@cac.net>
Eric Knight <deceased1@HOME.COM>
Max Vision vision@whitehats.com
Lou Albano mistert@dslnet.com

Last Updated on Fri Jul 7 02:14:22 SAST 2000
By Roelof Temmingh
Email: roelof@sensepost.com


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