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Posted Jun 7, 2000
Site net-security.org

Weekly Newsletter from Help Net Security Issue 16 - 07.05.2000 - Covers weekly roundups of security related events. In this issue: Outlook patch which lets administrators selectively permit some attachments could cause compatibility problems with software meant to work with Outlook, Microsoft Brasil web site defaced, ech0 security scanner, domain hijacking, Allegro-Software-RomPager vulnerable to DoS, Linux-Mandrake bind no longer runs as root, Linux-Mandrake Xlockmore security update, Checkpoint Firewall-1 IP Fragmentation Vulnerability, vbs gnutella worm, vbs_timofonica virus, and more.

tags | worm, web, root, virus
systems | linux, mandrake
SHA-256 | 98ceee0ab94aec7441a4a451c471432cab56af962c32da56b3b2189a98f3b536


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Net-Sec mini letter
Issue 16 - 07.05.2000

Net-Sec is a mini letter delivered to you by Help Net Security. It covers weekly roundups of security
events that were in the news the past week.
Visit Help Net Security for the latest security news - http://www.net-security.org.

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1) General security news
2) Security issues
3) Security world
4) Virus information
5) Defaced archives

General security news

The service gives European companies the opportunity to outsource network intrusion detection instead
of relying on internal security experts. Defcom showed off its flagship European "alarm centre" in Stockholm
Monday -- from which a company's network security can remotely monitored - and said that similar centres
are currently being tested in London and Berlin, and will be operational there after the summer.
Link: http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/2000/21/ns-15659.html

The Senate this month urged the Pentagon to study how it might use the Army National Guard to make
up for the shortage of computer programmers and information security specialists.
Link: http://www.idg.net/ic_184044_1794_9-10000.html

Microsoft says there are no problems with its e-mail software, even as computer experts have come out
in support of an Auckland software designer who says its e-mail programs are dangerously flawed.
Link: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?storyID=138739&thesection=technology&thesubsection=general

In the wake of highly publicized security breaches and denial-of-service attacks, the media conglomerate
Fox Entertainment Group wanted to know how vulnerable it might be, so it conducted a vulnerability
Link: http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB20000602S0002

Outlook patch, which lets administrators selectively permit some attachments (connected with recent
vbs worms), could cause compatibility problems with software meant to work with Outlook, Microsoft
said last week.
Link: http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB20000602S0001

ABC has an article about female hackers. "They are queens of pirated software, anti-child-porn
crusaders, political activists and leaders of private online vendettas." One of the mentioned people
in the article is Natasha from our affiliates at Anti Child Porn Organization.
Link: http://abcnews.go.com/sections/tech/dailynews/hackerwomen000602.html

It looks like web site of Microsoft Brasil was defaced not long time ago. The message left on the
page is on portuguese (I presume) and according to Altavista translator it says something like:
"now it was the time of the Microsoft, a company who makes servers (IIS is said) ... to be defaced".
Link: http://www.net-security.org/misc/sites/www.microsoft.com.br/

Our affiliates at ech0 security released eSS which is a remote security scanner for linux that scans
remote nodes for known security flaws. It does some of the simple probing techni, automatically
like banner grabbing, OS guessing and it includes a multithread TCP portscanner.
Link: http://www.ech0.de

Issue number 5 of Linux Security Week has been released. Last week, the major topic of concern
was The Top 10 System Security Threats released by SANS. Articles such as FBI, DOJ issue
list of worst Internet threats and IT, Company Execs Add To Security Holes spawned from SANS'
initial release.
Link: http://www.linuxsecurity.com/articles/forums_article-800.html

The would-be hijackers succeeded in forcing a change in the public Internic record for internet.com.
As of mid-day, the WHOIS record for internet.com incorrectly listed BCS Inc. of Montreal, QC as
the domain name owner. The domain name root records were not changed and traffic to the site was
not affected. internet.com technical staff was assured by NSI that the DNS records would not be
re-directed and the mistake would be rectified within hours.
Link: http://www.internetnews.com/wd-news/article/0,2171,10_387931,00.html

Security issues

Remote DoS attack in Real Networks Real Server
The Ussr Labs team has recently discovered a memory problem in the RealServer 7 Server (patched
and non-patched). What happens is, by performing an attack sending specially-malformed information
to the RealServer HTTP Port(default is 8080), the process containing the services will stop responding
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid959866097,16888, >

Allegro-Software-RomPager vulnerable to DoS
Allegro-Software-RomPager is an http server which is used in network hardware like switches to provide
a web interface to remotely configure your hardware. It seems that sending an incorrect request to the
switch will cause the http server to crash and then crashing the actual switch. I only tested this on a
D-Link DES-3224+ however there are other companies which use the Allegro software for their devices.
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid959906417,99542, >

Patch and Tool Available for "Protected Store Key Length" Vulnerability
Microsoft has released a patch and a tool that eliminate a security vulnerability in Microsoft Windows
2000. The vulnerability could make it easier for a malicious user who had complete control over a
Windows 2000 machine to compromise users' sensitive information.
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid960034461,28982, >

Fix for DoS in Real Networks RealServer 7
"This afternoon a BugTraq/USSR Advisory notice was released announcing that a Denial of Service
attack was found in the RealServer 7. We have found and fixed the problem. This particular exploit
utilizes a bug in the URL parsing for the ViewSource feature. View Source allows source content and
media file information on enabled RealServers to be displayed in a Web browser. The server's
auto-restart feature will successfully determine that a problem has occurred and will restart the server
in approximately120 seconds"...
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid960044205,2944, >

Majordomo removed from Debian
The majordomo package as shipped in the non-free section accompanying Debian GNU/Linux 2.1/slink
allows any local user to trick majordomo into executing arbitrary code or to create or write files as the
majordomo user anywhere on the filesystem.
This is a documented issue and the advised work around it to either have no untrusted users on a
system running majordomo or to use a setuid wrapper that the MTA delivery agent can run.
suboptimal solution. We feel that those options are not a good solution, but unfortunately the
majordomo license does not allow us to fix these problems and distribute a fixed version. As a
result we have decided to remove majordomo from our archives.
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid960083040,21626, >

Linux-Mandrake bind update
Problem: By default bind is launched as user and group root. This setting can give the possibility to
easily exploit vulnerabities in bind.
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid960210158,70244, >

Linux-Mandrake Xlockmore security update
In order to perform the password-check xlock must be setuid root and have access to the
shadowed passwd file. In the xlockmore distributions versions prior to 4.16.1, a buffer overflow
vulnerability was present in xlock that permitted a user to view parts of the shadowed passwd file
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid960210254,39590, >

Patch Available for "SSL Certificate Validation" Vulnerabilities
Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates two security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet
Explorer. The vulnerabilities involve how IE handles digital certificates; under a very daunting set
of circumstances, they could allow a malicious web site operator to pose as a trusted web site.
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid960293460,80221, >

FW-1 IP Fragmentation Vulnerability
"...CPU mysteriously hits 100% utilization, system locks up. Some systems may also crash,
depending on OS type... I have reason to believe that every installation of FW-1 is vulnerable,
regardless of Operating System type or version/patch level of the FW-1 installation. However,
this has only been tested and confirmed with ver 4.1 SP1 on the Nokia, and ver 4.1 on NT and
Solarix x86 platform." Paper by Lance Spitzner.
Link: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/bugs/fullnews.cgi?newsid960293578,61024, >

Security world

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (May 26, 2000)-Cylink Corporation (NASDAQ: CYLK), today announced
that it plans a series of initiatives to provide increased security for data transmissions made over
wireless mobile devices employing WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technology. Cylink's new
technologies will, for the first time, provide a single, end-to-end security solution, resolving
vulnerabilities inherent in current WAP data transmission paths and greatly improving the security
of e-business transacted over wireless devices.
Press release: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/press/fullnews.cgi?newsid959843600,87228, >

ATLANTA, Ga. — May 31, 2000 — Internet Security Systems (NASDAQ: ISSX) (ISS), the leading
provider of security management solutions for the Internet, announced today the availability of the
latest version of SAFEsuite® Database Scanner™. The latest version is the first and only product
that fully automates the process of securing mission critical data stored in Oracle, Microsoft SQL
Server, and Sybase database servers running on UNIX and Windows NT/2000 servers.
Press release: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/press/fullnews.cgi?newsid959904514,96792, >

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 30 /PRNewswire/ -- myCIO.com, a Network Associates, Inc.
(Nasdaq: NETA) business, today announced VPN ASaP, a complete family of managed
security services designed to deliver fast, simple and cost-effective virtual private network (VPN)
connections for companies of all sizes conducting business over the Internet. With VPN ASaP,
myCIO.com brings VPN protection up-to-date by packaging proven technology with a host of
managed services to secure on-line communications in an easy-to-use, Web-based format
that allows for virtually immediate protection and continuous remote management.
Press release: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/press/fullnews.cgi?newsid959905890,55782, >

CUPERTINO, Calif. - June 5, 2000 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) a world leader in
Internet security technology, today announced Carey Nachenberg, chief researcher of the
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC), will speak at the Gartner Group conference --
Information Security in an E-Business World: Coping with the Threats. In Nachenberg’s
presentation today from 4 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. in New Orleans, titled "The Decade of the Worm,"
he will address the key factors contributing to the recent rash of worldwide computer worms and
identify specific policy decisions corporations can enforce to limit the spread of these threats.
Press release: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/press/fullnews.cgi?newsid960244098,90490, >

CUPERTINO, Calif. - June 5, 2000 - Symantec Corporation today announced that Queen's
University in Kingston, Ontario, has licensed Norton AntiVirus protection for more than 15,000
users on campus. This deal signifies the largest anti-virus software implementation at any
Canadian University.
Press release: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/press/fullnews.cgi?newsid960244219,3499, >

SANTA CLARA, Calif., -- June 1, 2000 -- Cylink Corporation (NASDAQ: CYLK), a leading provider
of security solutions for e-business, today announced it will work with Singapore-based StarHub
to jointly offer secured network services to StarHub's corporate clients. As part of the agreement,
StarHub will resell Cylink’s comprehensive range of security appliances as a packaged offering to
their customers. These appliances include NetHawkÔ and NetConneXionÔ, Cylink’s latest products
providing LAN and WAN-based virtual private network (VPN) solutions.
Press release: < http://net-security.org/cgi-bin/press/fullnews.cgi?newsid959905890,55782, >

Note: If your company wants their press releases to be published on Help Net Security, please do
mail your requests to press@net-security.org .
All press releases could be found on: http://net-security.org/text/press/

Virus information

This is a nondestructive virus that executes if the path C:\PROGRAM FILES\GNUTELLA exists in
the computer. This virus drops numerous .vbs files at /GNUTELLA and modifies gnutella.ini. This
worm should not be confused with the GNUTella Search Tool and file sharing utility.

This VBS virus uses Microsoft Outlook to spam unsolicited emails to all address entries with itself
as an attachment. The email has the subject: “TIMOFONICA” and comes with the attachment
“TIMOFONICA.TXT.VBS.” The body of the email is in Spanish.
Link: http://www.antivirus.com/pc-cillin/vinfo/virusencyclo/default5.asp?VName=VBS_TIMOFONICA

This Trojan is disguised as a picture viewer. It overwrites WIN.COM in the Windows directory and
deletes all files in the root and DOS directory. It also prints out messages from the victim’s computer.
If a PC is not connected to a printer, the Trojan does not execute its payload.

Defaced archives

US Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District Home

[00.06.05] Government National Mortgage Association

[00.06.04] Computer Modeling and Simulation Department, Naval Surface Warfare Center

[00.06.04] Access To Space - NASA

[00.06.03] AntiOnline's AntiCode Archive

[00.06.03] Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

[00.03.06] Microsoft Brazil

[00.07.06] Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament

HNS staff

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