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Posted Sep 23, 1999


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Subject: Caldera Security Advisory 1997.16: Vulnerability in BIND

Caldera Security Advisory SA-1997.16

Topic: Vulnerability in BIND

I. Problem Description

As announced in CERT Security Advisory CA-97.22.bind, there are a
number of vulnerabilities in releases of BIND prior to BIND 8.1.1.

II. Impact

On systems such as Caldera OpenLinux 1.1, an unprivileged
user from a remote host can corrupt name server caches to
their advantage. This allows the user to insert any address
specified into the DNS cache allowing false but meaningful
address resolution.

Though this vulnerability was fixed in BIND 4.9.6, it is recommended
to upgrade to the current release to eliminate future exploitation of
vulnerabilities that are not currently public knowledge.

This problem was present on the following OpenLinux releases:
CND 1.0
Base 1.0
Lite 1.1
Base 1.1
Standard 1.1

To determine if you are affected and need this update you may do the
rpm -q bind
If the results show the system using a BIND release prior to 8.1.1 then
you will need to update.

III. Solution

The proper solution is to update to the new 8.1.1 package that
contains the fixed versions of the bind name server. They are
located on Caldera's FTP server (ftp.caldera.com):

/pub/openlinux/updates/1.1/current/RPMS/ for the binaries.
/pub/openlinux/updates/1.1/current/SRPMS/ for the sources.

The following instructions assume an UPDATE and not an install.

The update to the new package is as follows:
1) Check to see if bind DNS server is currently running.
ps -eax | grep named
If ps shows named running, stop "named" by running:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/named stop

2) Update the old package by using the following command.
rpm -U RPMS/bind-8.1.1-2.i386.rpm

3) Update the utils and doc files.
rpm -U RPMS/bind-doc-8.1.1-2.i386.rpm
rpm -U RPMS/bind-utils-8.1.1-2.i386.rpm

4) If bind DNS server: "named" was previously running, it is now time
to restart "named" by running:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/named start

You will see the following message displayed:

Starting bind DNS server: named

Note: These RPM files can be installed on a system not having
a previous version of BIND. Be aware that the configuration
syntax has changed in this version. Futher information
on the configuration syntax can be found in the following
html page upon installation of bind-doc-8.1.1-2.i386.rpm:

BIND 4.9.x configuration files can be converted to the new format
by using /usr/sbin/named-bootconf, a perl script that is part
of the BIND 8.1 source kit.

The MD5 sums for the BIND packages are as follows:

a10921c6856df5150ebfed9f57e0f284 RPMS/bind-8.1.1-2.i386.rpm
57d80ac82b8ff483526d93d08d24f3ec RPMS/bind-doc-8.1.1-2.i386.rpm
404d6fb04c8881d21577ced8a8553597 RPMS/bind-utils-8.1.1-2.i386.rpm
7944b78257ed512818e4942e96f8c341 SRPMS/bind-8.1.1-2.src.rpm

IV. Release Notes

The following improvements have been made since the previous release:

* Dynamic Updates (RFC 2136)
* DNS Change Notification (RFC 1996)
* Completely new configuration syntax
* Flexible, categorized logging system
* IP-address-based access control for queries, zone transfers,
and updates that may be specified on a zone-by-zone basis
* More efficient zone transfers
* Improved performance for servers with thousands of zones
* The server no longer forks for outbound zone transfers
* Many bug fixes
(From /usr/doc/bind-8.1.1/html/index.html upon updating the DOC files)

V. References

This and other Caldera security resources are located at:


Additional documentation on this problem can be found at:


CERT Security Advisory CA-97.22.bind:


VI. PGP Signature

This message was signed with the PGP key for <security@caldera.com>.

This key can be obtained from:

Or on an OpenLinux CDROM under:

$Id: SA-1997.16,v 1.1 1997/09/09 17:25:39 ron Exp $

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: noconv

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