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Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-4349-03

Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-4349-03
Posted Jul 8, 2024
Authored by Red Hat | Site access.redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-4349-03 - An update for kernel is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. Issues addressed include double free and use-after-free vulnerabilities.

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systems | linux, redhat
advisories | CVE-2021-47400
SHA-256 | 8f0a098e30f5191a8dd71da89db567368183f9bfb37de7c5ce7fd7309dcc8d9a

Red Hat Security Advisory 2024-4349-03

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The following advisory data is extracted from:


Red Hat officially shut down their mailing list notifications October 10, 2023. Due to this, Packet Storm has recreated the below data as a reference point to raise awareness. It must be noted that due to an inability to easily track revision updates without crawling Red Hat's archive, these advisories are single notifications and we strongly suggest that you visit the Red Hat provided links to ensure you have the latest information available if the subject matter listed pertains to your environment.

- Packet Storm Staff

Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Moderate: kernel security and bug fix update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2024:4349-03
Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Advisory URL: https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2024:4349
Issue date: 2024-07-08
Revision: 03
CVE Names: CVE-2021-47400


An update for kernel is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from the CVE link(s) in the References section.


The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux operating system.

Security Fix(es):

* kernel: net/mlx5e: Fix operation precedence bug in port timestamping napi_poll context (CVE-2023-52626)

* kernel: Bluetooth: Avoid potential use-after-free in hci_error_reset (CVE-2024-26801)

* kernel: crypto: qat - resolve race condition during AER recovery (CVE-2024-26974)

* kernel: xen-netfront: Add missing skb_mark_for_recycle (CVE-2024-27393)

* kernel: net/mlx5e: fix a potential double-free in fs_any_create_groups (CVE-2023-52667)

* kernel: smb: client: fix UAF in smb2_reconnect_server() (CVE-2024-35870)

* kernel: net/mlx5: Properly link new fs rules into the tree (CVE-2024-35960)

* kernel: net: hns3: do not allow call hns3_nic_net_open repeatedly (CVE-2021-47400)

Bug Fix(es):

* cifs - kernel panic with cifs_put_smb_ses (JIRA:RHEL-28943)

* BUG: unable to handle page fault for address: ff16bf752f593ff8 [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-35672)

* [HPE 9.4 Bug] Request merge of AMD address translation library patch series [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-36220)

* [RHEL9] kernel BUG at lib/list_debug.c:51! [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-36687)

* ice: DPLL-related fixes [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-36716)

* CNB95: net/sched: update TC core to upstream v6.8 [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-37641)

* IPv6: SR: backport fixes from upstream [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-37669)

* [RFE] Backport tmpfs noswap mount option [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-38252)

* Isolated cores causing issues on latest RHEL9.4 kernel and not functioning as desired. [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-38595)

* [ice] Add automatic VF reset on Tx MDD events [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-39083)

* [HPEMC RHEL 9.4 REGRESSION] turbostat: turbostat broken on 10+ sockets. [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-34953)

* bnx2x: fix crashes in PCI error handling, resource leaks [rhel-9.4.z] (JIRA:RHEL-43272)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.







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