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Nullcon Berlin 2024 Call For Papers

Nullcon Berlin 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Nov 25, 2023
Site nullcon.net

The Nullcon Berlin 2024 Call For Papers is open. It will take place March 14th through the 15th, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. Training courses are March 11th through the 13th.

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Nullcon Berlin 2024 Call For Papers

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Call For Papers (CFP) for Nullcon Berlin 2024 is OPEN! If you'd like to attend as a participant you can utilize our Early Bird Discount price and register yourself.

The Season For Nullcon Berlin 2024 Is On Its Way

Participating in a conference as an attendee or as a speaker can do wonders to uplift your career. It is the perfect way to learn a new skill and build true bonds.

🕊️ Early Bird Discount 🕊️

Early to save makes a man wealthy and wise! Register yourself for Nullcon Berlin 2024 and save up to €100 on Individual / Corporate Investment Passes and €300 on the 3-day Training Pass.

Early Bird Discount From 20th November 2023 To 15th January 2024

Registrations Open
(https://cTy2804.na1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/GE+113/cTy2804/VWp0v79fVxNwW96lZ3l6TFF4BW4bWRWk56bKBtN7qyl0z3lcq-W7Y8-PT6lZ3ktVBdDQG1Yw3RJMCK-sGYJlYwW3FWpL43NhP3VW60g6KG1fPQw7W3mK1b36LN1M7W3Tq6Mp67MC5xW4shp_v8HPflSW1_lqKt5W6kv_W8l11l1506XvGW2vqQS27XWzLtN82V7vWTZZVQW36SRNc3sLdVRW43nVs38MVPHWN9fh8zXjKtnlW3qV7Hw4dQWLBW4HXl2g2L2kykW29GYGw49t6DpN575BcScTg8yW6t_BRL94qM4PW5kTw1T6qCZt-VhNVcH6cRQc7W6KRrrX3L2X27W2JCGfb3_H64pVgp4HQ7MzWd2W4VK4Tj4y0RbgW4rGlXc7TJtL6f870L6j04 )

📝 Call For Papers (CFP) Is OPEN! 📝

Wish to become a speaker at Nullcon Berlin 2024? This is your chance to submit your research and present your findings to the infosec community.

CFP Closes: 31st December 2023

Learn More About CFP
(https://cTy2804.na1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/GE+113/cTy2804/VWp0v79fVxNwW96lZ3l6TFF4BW4bWRWk56bKBtN7qyl0g3lcq-W7lCdLW6lZ3m0W93qMqH8wgKy6W6Dc8zH6Z6ghqVk6XjY55sxCzW1454vP73FNBCW5GtR0m6cJhGYW9gZBXR6wcRL7VM9Dv_4-gb0VW8WCyxq6S9pC_W8c4vT38qsql-W4nQvsj1x21vPVZQvZG7xv-yPW8LXQp37cTDt5W3PGc7G5jgMS8W3jqPpN4WRy40W1lzvJW7qlqh-VWG6Vg7kVM4XVMRYS532M5SkN4hsKSNpKLhDN6DYH-cbLRFhW54d0Gz8KcQlJN8MKkJRwg-y7V-31zb6M0XlKW8B2hyc1KFl9FVJszTm8z8Rgxf6mkQh204 )

⚙️ Announced: Hands-On Trainings

An intense 3-day course to learn practical hacking techniques to apply them in reality. We have a wide variety of training topics suitable for professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Training Dates: 11th-13th March 2024

Explore Hands-On Trainings
(https://cTy2804.na1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/GE+113/cTy2804/VWp0v79fVxNwW96lZ3l6TFF4BW4bWRWk56bKBtN7qyl0g3lcq-W7lCdLW6lZ3nMW1NZphy3Yqzh9W3SwJqm7nP5BrW1Rb6g83PWz7KW4tx0826mZzwGW4h7FDx15Hyv2W4lFMF638DJCBN2mbhY4xh92mW5snJN_91bwhWW8P-cMm3M0DnmW3lJ-XH1b1sGlW46cbRM6K69BrN5y-yXBgpDtLW2YC86f4Cl0xZW8rh1qL33_k1CW1PhMjm4br765W88Qw3J8ZS6PqW12_7KN7ym9p2W8VlYqq1RsrKPW1cYVps6r0kXJN2pTXkvq2lKLN6Jz0y2nwr4-N50-8mJvHRFlN6F_4rR8PMl6W7_Lgbj4hnlnTf3nRc0-04 )

🎙️ Conference: Nullcon Berlin 2024

Learn about all the cybersecurity trends and practices that will affect your everyday life. The 2-day conference will bring you good talks, workshops, networking opportunities and much more.

Conference Dates: 14th-15th March 2024

If you'd like us to match your Resume with our Sponsor Job Openings! Send us your Resumes at info@nullcon.net

Want to be a Sponsor? Drop us an email at sponsor@nullcon.net. We have multiple sponsorship packages suitable to your organizational objectives.

"We are so happy to support Nullcon! At Berlin conference, the audience was passionate and engaged, the presentations were insightful, the organization was flawless. This conference gave us the opportunity to bring security professionals and developers together, and discuss ways we can make security more impactful for developers."

- Xavier Rene Corail; Director of Security at GitHub

"Would highly recommend for CISOs to attend and promote Nullcon as one of the premier conferences where good hands-on security talent is available as well as for engaged discussions and trainings on interesting topics like security vulnerability disclosure programs, SCADA security, etc."

- Jan-Tilo; MD at Compass Security GmbH

Nullcon Berlin 2024 Supporters:

Thank You #TeamNullcon

Payatu BV, Office 403, WTC The Hague Business Center, Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33, The Hague, The Netherlands 2595AM

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