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REVULN 20x3 Call For Papers

REVULN 20x3 Call For Papers
Posted Mar 14, 2020
Authored by REVULN

REVULN 20x3 is an international conference taking place on September 9th through the 10th, 2020 in Bangkok (Thailand) at Ibis Styles Bangkok Sukhumvit Phra Khanong.

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REVULN 20x3 Call For Papers

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REVULN 20x3: Call for Speakers / Call for Papers

REVULN 20x3 is an international conference taking place
on 2020 September 9-10 in Bangkok (Thailand) at
Ibis Styles Bangkok Sukhumvit Phra Khanong.

This private event does not have any sponsors and it's
meant for invited guests only. No marketing or promotion.
REVULN's goal is sharing knowledge and connecting people.
Information and FAQ on https://revuln.com/20x3.htm

We are looking for 10 international speakers with english
presentations of about 35 minutes.
The whole slot is 45 minutes inclusive of questions.

CFP deadline: 2020 July 5.

The conference is focused on the following main topic
with presentations covering countries and areas of Asia:

Social media monitoring and online censorship evasion
- Social media intelligence (SOCMINT)
- Open source intelligence (OSINT)
- social media surveillance for public security
- presentations from departments of police forces
- case studies of crimes prevented by police via SOCMINT
- overview of social networks and their monitoring
- usage of machine learning (AI) in SNS monitoring
- usage of natural language processing (NLP) in SNS
- interaction with social networks in taking down content
- response time to execute take-down requests from police
- law enforcement response teams of social networks
- DNS and routes blacklists for blocking websites
- monitoring deep and dark web for fake news and protests
- monitoring and OSINT techniques on communication apps
- privacy laws and restrictions on monitoring activities
- monitoring of media outlets against their fake news
- controls against infodemic causing fake news and panic
- examples of nation-state censorship in countries
- status of surveillance and censorship in the countries
- online activism and protests, how they organize and act
- hacking attacks as form of activism and real effects
- usage of social media for propaganda and disinformation
- mesh networks, peer-to-peer and alternative networks
- privacy solutions for journalists and non-tech users
- examples of past and current attacks to SNS networks
- examples of censorship evasions against network filters
- historic examples of censorship evasions techniques
- overview of features, safety and userbase of chat apps
- weaknesses in cryptographic tools and algorithms
- overview of tools and solutions for censorship evasion
- role of Hong Kong protests as example abroad
- role of international NGOs in "fueling" movements
- different bias of local and foreign media in doing news

Open topic
- freedom of information, cyber warfare, ICS and SCADA,
IOT devices, industrial security, Internet censorship,
hacktivism, technologies in law enforcement, and so on

We are interested in:

- your personal experience, work and research
- anything related to your country and region
- statistics, case studies, data, facts and conclusions
- comprehensible content clearly designed and presented
for people with limited knowledge of a country or topic
- different points of views and unusual aspects

We are NOT interested in:

- marketing and promotional stuff, products or services
- pointless presentations without any real content
- live demonstrations or talks requiring Internet access
- generic overview of tools and info as in similar talks
- strong political opinions, we need facts and neutrality

Max two speakers for each presentation.

Speakers benefits (for each presentation)

- Accommodation in twin room for 3 nights with breakfast:
checkin 8 - checkout 11.
Please note that this benefit is *NOT* meant for
speakers of the open topic and from Bangkok
(anyway final decision is taken case by case after CFP)

- Admission to the conference (obviously)

- Admission to the conference for one colleague or for
the second speaker

- Suggest people (or positions in organizations) you wish
to meet at the event, we may invite them on our own

How to apply

Send an email to info@revuln.com with subject: 20x3 CFP.
It must contain the following information in text only:

- Honorific title (Mr, Ms or professional title)

- First Name (given name)

- Last name (family name)

- Nickname (if any)

- Personal website, blog, Github

- Social contacts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, QQ, ...

- Company website

- Job position and employer (if you represent a company)
or University (if you are a student, prof. or PhD)
or independent (just yourself)

- Brief biography, something about you and your work

- Title of the presentation

- Description / abstract, max 500 words
(this is a Call for Presentations, no paper requested)

- Main points of the presentation, just an idea

- Have you already presented this talk at other events?

- Optional links about similar material/papers online

- Optional documents that you would like to be shared
with the attendees during the conference

- Optional, max 3 names/contacts of people who may have
knowledge, research and interest in these topics

No slides are requested at this stage, once selected you
are asked to provide the PDF slides few days before the
The PDF slides of the selected presentations will be
shared with the attendees of the conference during/after
the event, and later published on our website (please let
us know if you prefer to not publish the slides).

Contact us for any question, on LinkedIn or Twitter too:
(try searching the ID revuln on other social networks)
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