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No cON Name 2019 Call For Papers

No cON Name 2019 Call For Papers
Posted Aug 20, 2019
Site noconname.org

The No cON Name 2019 call for papers has been announced. It will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from November 14th and 15th, 2019.

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No cON Name 2019 Call For Papers

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No cON Name 2019 Congress

Call For Papers https://www.noconname.org/call-for-papers/

The organization has opened CFP proposals. Our goal is to get highly qualified
requests for both, speaker opportunities, as well as workshops, to show in one
of the most respected hacker conferences in Barcelona and Spain, NcN (No cON
We will be accepting exclusively technical presentations, proof of concept for,
private investigations and solutions for professionals related to the IT
security scene. Under no circumstance we will be selecting any proposal which is
commercially targeted, our main goal is to share knowledge in a well-established

• Language: English ( We will choose almost 75% ) or Spanish
• Proposal file type: PDF. It must follow documentation’s requirements, shown
in next paragraph, and filled in through the web site
• Please use the template provided for the presentations during the conference
• It ’s necessary to deeply explain contents, as this document will allow the
organization to evaluate the proposal.
• CFP’s attachment requested is mandatory. One page summary of the contents,
or the investigations that you want to show will help to demonstrate techni-
cally the findings/result of investigations (additional texts, screenshots,
evidences, code, etc)


In the event that the proposal is accepted, it must be submitted before the
deadline (September 15, detailed in the important dates section below):
• An article (a template in doc, odt format is attached.) that will be
delivered in the conference’s notebook. MANDATORY
• Presentation and exhibition material: september the 15th. All the material
that will be presented to the organization must be delivered, otherwise it
will be possible to grant other applicants your place. You have to plan the
day of the event nimbly. MANDATORY

We will require the following info to review your CFP:

Preferred contact method Alias, email, twitter account, Facebook,etc.
Name & Surname*
Alias *
Email *
Phone nÂș * To manage the travel and unforeseen things
Twitter id
City/Country of residence *
Proposal type * Speaking presentation or Workshop presentation
Representing * Individual or company name
Category * See: “RELEVANT TOPICS “
Length (minutes) * Speaker (presentation): Between 20 or 45 minutes.
Workshop (presentation + demo): 45 minutes
or 1,5 hours.
Title of the paper *: Presentation's / Workshop’s Title
Goal * State your objectives during your investigation,
issues encountered, impact on the society including
Benefits * List the benefits your presentation will be
providing to the security community, social impact,
and perhaps solutions to the current issue.
Description * Presentation's / Workshop’s description
Speaker’s Biography * Brief bio of latest published papers, previous talk
experience, your current interests.

The areas of interest that have been proposed, not restricted to, are:

• Offensive security.
• Evading / In-depth research of Phishing / Malware.
• Security & exploiting SCADA / ICS.
• Internet privacy and net neutrality (EPIC).
• Honeypots / Honeynets.
• Web explorers’ security.
• Hardware hacking.
• New vulnerabilities and 0-day exploits.
• Healthcare sucurity / risks
• (in)Security in the automotive industry
• Software Testing/Fuzzing.
• Advanced Penetration testing techniques.
• Mobile Application Security-Threats and Exploits.
• Network and Router Hacking
• Mobile, Satellite, IP networks’ security
• SDR (Software defined radio)
• Hacking virtualized envirorments
• Computer/electronic forensics

• CFP Requests closing: August 25th 2019.
• CFP Approval: September 1st 2019.
• Materials presentation due: September 15th 2019
• Conference’s date: November, 14th and 15th 2019

Speakers can count on the following if selected:
• Individual airfare ticket to Barcelona (roundtrip).
• Individual Hotel room.
• Two free tickets for the conference.
• Discover Barcelona´s night clubbing, expect Booze and fun :-)

All requests must be submitted through our site at:
Fill in the form and upload necessary files and you are all set (some parts of website are in sspanish)

We will be evaluating speaking conference and workshop requests with the follo-
wing score:

• Level of innovation in your investigation / Sophistication of the 40%
• Stating your key-points of your proposal without going deep into detail 20%
• Briefing quality of your draft (proof of concept in briefing is highly 15%
• State field where your investigation was made, ie:hardware, software, 10%
• Your speaking reputation 10%
• Relevant topic proposed by the No cON Name staff 5%


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