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Microsoft ADFS 4.0 Windows Server 2016 Server Side Request Forgery

Microsoft ADFS 4.0 Windows Server 2016 Server Side Request Forgery
Posted Sep 14, 2018
Authored by Alphan Yavas

Microsoft ADFS 4.0 Windows Server 2016 suffers from a server-side request forgery issue.

tags | advisory
systems | windows
advisories | CVE-2018-16794
MD5 | b9b1736724cd7a4fe104163dea8f32ad

Microsoft ADFS 4.0 Windows Server 2016 Server Side Request Forgery

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Microsoft ADFS 4.0 Windows Server 2016 and previous (Active Directory
Federation Services) Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF)



15/08/2018 Vulnerability discovered
18/08/2018 Vendor contacted
06/09/2018 Microsoft replay that will fix this in the next version of
Windows Server

Alphan Yavas from Biznet Bilisim A.S.

Microsoft ADFS 4.0 Windows Server 2016 and previous versions affected
from SSRF vulnerability. A remote attacker could force the vulnerable
server to send request to any remote server s/he wants.

Affected Component:
Path(inurl): /adfs/ls
Parameter: txtBoxEmail

Login page of ADFS affected from SSRF vulnerability. If username is
being sent with following format victim server will send out DNS
queries to xxx domain. (xxx is the domain which you want to send
request from server)

username: ssrf.xxx.com\pentest
password: (doesn't matter)

If you want to listen this request you must listen with tcpdump to dns
port your own server(xxx) and you can see callback request.


Bu mesaj ve ekleri, mesajda
gAPnderildiAi belirtilen
kiAi/kiAilere APzeldir ve gizlidir. Bu mesaj
herhangi bir amaASS iASSin
ASSoAaltA+-lamaz, daAA+-tA+-lamaz ve yayA+-nlanamaz.
MesajA+-n gAPnderildiAi kiAi
deAilseniz, mesaj iASSeriAini ya da eklerini
kopyalamayA+-nA+-z, yayA+-nlamayA+-nA+-z
ya da baAka kiAilere yAPnlendirmeyiniz ve
mesajA+- gAPnderen kiAiyi derhal
uyararak bu mesajA+- siliniz. Airketimiz,
mesajA+-n iASSeriAinin ve eklerinin
size deAiAikliAe uArayarak veya geASS
ulaAmasA+-ndan; gizliliAinin
korunmamasA+-ndan; virA1/4s iASSermesinden ve
bilgisayar sisteminize verebileceAi
herhangi bir zarardan sorumlu

This message and its
are confidential and intended solely for the recipient(s)
stated therein.
This message cannot be copied, distributed or published
for any purpose.
If you are not the intended recipient, please do not
copy, publish or
forward the information existing in the content and
attachments of this
message. In such case please notify the sender
immediately and delete all
the copies of the message. Our company shall
have no liability for any
changes in or late receiving of the message,
loss of integrity and
confidentiality, viruses and any damages caused in
anyway to your computer
system based on this message.


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