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Security BSides Las Vegas 2013 Call For Presenters

Security BSides Las Vegas 2013 Call For Presenters
Posted Mar 6, 2013
Authored by BSides Las Vegas

BSides Las Vegas 2013 has announced its Call For Presenters. It will take place July 31st through August 1st, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Security BSides Las Vegas 2013 Call For Presenters

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Security BSides Las Vegas 2013 - Call for Presenters

BSidesLV 2013 will consist of four speaking tracks and one workshop track

Track 1 - Breaking Ground: Bleeding edge discussions and hot button
topics on up and coming issues and the "Next Big Thing". Be prepared
to engage your audience and have them engage you. Presentations should
be prepared with a “give and take” conversational approach, not a
“tell us how it is” speech mentality. Bring your "A" game!:

Track 2 - Common Ground: BSidesLV is a community conference. Common
Ground is here for topics of interest to the community. Got something
the community wants or needs to hear? This is the track for you.
Doesn’t matter if it’s about food, physical locks, health (mental or
physical), harm reduction, crafting/making. This is the anything goes

Track 3 - Proving Ground: An arena for speakers new to the scene to
find their voice in a public setting. Speakers applying for this track
are required to participate in the BSidesLV Mentorship Program. Please
do not apply for this track if you have presented at a major
conference before. NOTE: CFP for Proving Ground closes one month
earlier than the other tracks, to give presenters enough time to work
with their mentors.***Limited Scholarships are available for this

Track 4 - Underground: Totally OTR, speakers and titles will only be
announced at the conference or with prior permission of the speakers
themselves. Pseudonymity is encouraged and talks will not be recorded
or streamed online. No press will be allowed entry and photography
will not be tolerated. NDAs will be provided for the speakers who wish
to request them from their audiences.

Track 5 - Training Ground: Half-day to two-day workshops or classes
with a limit of 18 people per workshop. If you would like to offer a
workshop for our participants, please submit your lesson plan for
review, along with a synopsis.

**If you are submitting to BlackHat 2013 or DEF CON XXI, we'd prefer
any submissions to BSidesLV be on a different subject. If your
BSidesLV talk builds off of your BH2013 materials, (ie: content that
BH couldn’t/wouldn’t allow you to present due to (x) reasons) we will
need you to prove that the content of both talks is significantly
different before considering you for acceptance. Talks that are
accepted and fall into this category will be given priority for
Thursday slotting, so as not to create schedule conflicts with BH2013

Additional notes: Talks previously presented elsewhere will not be
accepted unless it can be demonstrated that the material has been
significantly updated from the previous presentation. (This includes
smaller, regional BSides.) When in doubt, the CFP committee will give
priority to material never presented anywhere. Special consideration
will be given to teh lulz. BSidesLV is an Information / Security
conference. We are open to talks on subjects that matter to the
community, ”B-Side” topics, that the bigger cons can’t or won’t touch.
We love considering talks that break the mold, make us think outside
the box and get the conversation going beyond our typical comfort
zones. Before submitting, know that BSidesLV is not in a position to
offer compensation or stipends of any kind (***See Proving Ground***).
Please do not submit to BSidesLV if you cannot afford to travel to Las
Vegas to attend the conference, or weren't already planning on being
in town for BH/DC. If you submit a talk that makes it past our CFP
committee, you will be guaranteed entry to BSidesLV2013 (as a
participant) even if we don't have room to accommodate your talk.
Please don't rush to submit your abstract. You have three months to
work on it, take your time. We'd rather you submit your "Next Big
Thing" the day of the deadline, than give us something four months

Vendor/sales pitches will be summarily rejected. No exceptions.

Submissions are to be emailed to cfp.bsideslv()gmail com and must include:

The track name you are submitting to (in the SUBJECT LINE)

Title of your presentation (In the BODY)

An abstract of your talk or workshop (suitable for print)

How much time do you need for your presentation?

Do you have any special equipment requirements? (you must provide your
own laptop)

Have you presented before? Where/when? (cite references/links, if applicable)

Has this material been presented elsewhere? If so, where and when?
(Please explain how this presentation is substantively different)

Has this paper been submitted to/rejected by Black Hat 2013 or DEF CON XXI?

Will you have co-presenters?

Your full, legal name (not optional - will not be shared w/o your permission)

Twitter handle (if applicable)

Other Handle (optional)

Please tell us how you prefer to be addressed at the conference and in

A brief bio about yourself/co-presenters (100 words or less, each.
Suitable for print)

A contact number for days of show (Cell/GV #)

Will your talk include a live demo, exploit or tool release?

Why do you want to present at BSidesLV?

Other Notes

Submissions not following these guidelines, or that are missing
information, will be rejected.

All speaking slots are 50 minutes long.

Please note the following deadlines:

CFP for Proving Ground Closes: 23:59 01 May (UTC -8)
CFP Closes: 23:59 01 June (UTC -8)
Speakers announced: 01 July
BSidesLV: 31 July - 01 August

The CFP Committee:

David Mortman, Chair
Meredith L. Patterson
Andrew Hay
David Gessel
Jeff Espinoza

BSidesLV Mentorship Program

We at BsidesLV are again asking the InfoSec community to step-up and
get more involved. One of the ways we're doing this, is through our
mentorship program for new speakers. One of our tracks is “Proving
Ground” and the main criteria to get a slot in this track will be
being a first time conference speaker. As we all know how hard it can
be to find your voice, or even to just translate data into talking
points that won't lose your audience, we're looking to pair each of
the Proving Ground applicants up with a mid to high profile mentor,
with a solid track record of public speaking, who will work with them
from CFP to podium.

The process will work like this: When the CFP goes out, potential
speakers will have a choice of four tracks to apply for. If they
choose Proving Ground, and make it past our CFP review board, they
will then be passed on to the Mentor List, where the mentors will be
able to choose who they want to work with, based on area(s) of
expertise and experience. The mentor will then work with their mentee,
answering questions by email as needed and Skyping with them once a
week for about 15-30 minutes, to see where they are in their
presentation implementation. The mentor will assist with translating
data into talking points and assuring their talk is consumable by “Joe
Shmoe InfoSec”, not just the peers in their area of interest. The day
of presentation, the mentor will attend their mentee's talk, to boost
morale and assist with the Q&A, if their mentee gets flustered.

This year, all selected mentors/mentees will be provided with a
guaranteed badge to BSidesLV, a BSidesLV Proving Ground t-shirt,
special mention during the conference and a badge that will identify
them as a part of the mentorship program. We've also implemented a
“Sponsor a Mentee” program, to provide travel and lodging and assure
that our first time speakers are able to afford to attend BSidesLV. If
you need financial assistance in order to be able to attend BSidesLV
and are applying to speak in “Proving Ground”, let us know when you
submit your CFP, in “Other Notes”.

If you feel the mentorship program is something you would be
interested in contributing to and you have the time to lend a helping
hand, please email gksouthwick()bsideslv org with “BSidesLV 2013
Mentor” in the subject line and a brief introduction of who you are,
where you've spoken, what you've presented on and what your area(s) of
expertise are. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon your
being available to attend BSidesLV during your mentee's talk, so
please do not apply if you have scheduled conflicts during Black Hat
(Wednesday) or DefCon (Thursday).

We hope that by providing this service, we'll have the chance to “Pay
it forward” to the new generation of hackers. Let's give them a chance
to find their voice in a welcoming, encouraging environment.

Thanks so much for your interest in the BSidesLV Mentorship Program.

GK Southwick
Jack Daniel
Joshua Marpet

Your BSidesLV Board of Directors
Security BSides Las Vegas, Inc.


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