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Posted Aug 17, 1999

Severe security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Netmeeting for Windows 9x/NT allow local users to gain root privileges, open up machines running Netmeeting to Denial of Service attacks, much more. No fix or vendor response.

tags | exploit, denial of service, local, root, vulnerability
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | 83f2f8afd42e0807ab919ada926cd970


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Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 13:12:09 -0300
From: Wanderley J. Abreu Junior <storm@UNIKEY.COM.BR>
To: BUGTRAQ@netspace.org
Subject: Microsoft Netmeeting Hole

Since I hadn't any response from Microsoft and a formal
response from CERT i'm putting it here hopping for a helping hand on this

Version 1.0
October 1996
CERT(sm) Coordination Center
Product Vulnerability Reporting Form

If you know of a vulnerability in a product, please complete
this form and return it to cert@cert.org. We aren't able to
acknowledge each report we receive; however, if we have additional
questions, we will contact you for further information.

We prefer that any vulnerability information you
send to us be encrypted. We can support a shared DES
key or PGP. Contact the CERT staff for more information.
The CERT PGP public key is available in


Thanks, we appreciate your taking the time to report this

Please describe the vulnerability.
- ---------------------------------

What is the impact of this vulnerability?
- ----------------------------------------
(For example: local user can gain root/privileged access, intruders
can create root-owned files, denial of service attack, etc.)

a) What is the specific impact: Users running MS NetMeeting Version 2.1
(The one that comes
with windows 98) software in a conference can copy/paste the remote
clipboard area.

b) How would you envision it being used in an attack scenario:
With the chat windows OPENED just do a CTRL-C in the box where you
write with nothing in your box and nothing selected at all. then, you
can get
the entire clipboard from the other user in the conference, of
if there's something in his Clipboard (ASCII, Bin, etc).

To your knowledge is the vulnerability currently being exploited?
- ----------------------------------------------------------------

If there is an exploitation script available, please include it here.
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Do you know what systems and/or configurations are vulnerable?
- -------------------------------------------------------------
[yes] (If yes, please list them below)

System : Windows 95, 98 and NT
OS version : All Versions
Verified/Guessed: Guessed

Are you aware of any workarounds and/or fixes for this vulnerability?
- --------------------------------------------------------------------
[yes] (If you have a workaround or are aware of patches
please include the information here.)

I'm using PGP to encrypt the clipboard area.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Please, send me some
feedback abou this bug
i'm working on a solution but seems NetMeeting to use some sort of Common
Clipboard to build all
the share enviroments. If you ever heard abou this bug, please also let me
know. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Wanderley Junior


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