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EUSecWest 2012 Call For Papers

EUSecWest 2012 Call For Papers
Posted Jun 4, 2012
Site eusecwest.com

The seventh annual EUSecWest applied technical security conference - where the eminent figures in the international security industry get together share best practices and technology - will be held in downtown Amsterdam near Leidseplein Square on September 19/20, 2012. The most significant new discoveries about computer network hack attacks and defenses, commercial security solutions, and pragmatic real world security experience will be presented in a series of informative tutorials. This is the Call For Papers.

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EUSecWest 2012 Call For Papers

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EUSecWest 2012, Amsterdam, September 19/20, Featuring Mobile PWN2OWN
CALL FOR PAPERS - Deadline June 15 2012

   AMSTERDAM, Nederland -- The seventh annual EUSecWest
   applied technical security conference - where the eminent
   figures in the international security industry get
   together share best practices and technology - will be
   held in downtown Amsterdam near Leidseplein Square on
   September 19/20, 2012. The most significant new
   discoveries about computer network hack attacks and
   defenses, commercial security solutions, and pragmatic
   real world security experience will be presented in a
   series of informative tutorials.

   This year the EUSecWest conference will also host
   dedicated security coverage of mobile devices, and host
   the first mobile device only focused PWN2OWN competition,
   where researchers get to demonstrate live vulnerability
   attack code against designated targets and, if
   successful, get to keep the target hardware and cash

   The EUSecWest meeting provides international researchers
   a relaxed, comfortable environment to learn from
   informative tutorials on key developments in security
   technology, and collaborate and socialize with their
   peers in one of the world's most scenic cities - a short
   walk away from several large hotels and the Leidseplein
   entertainment and shopping district, conveniently close
   to many famous museums, convenient transport, Vondel
   Park, and a plentitude of restaurants and bars.

   The EUSecWest conference will also feature the
   availability of the Security Masters Dojo expert network
   security sensei instructors, and their advanced, and
   intermediate, hands-on training courses - featuring small
   class sizes and practical application excercises to
   maximize information transfer.

   We would like to announce the opportunity to submit
   papers, courses, and/or lightning talk proposals for
   selection by the EUSecWest technical review committee.
   This year we will be doing one hour talks, and some
   shorter talk sessions.

   Please make your proposal submissions before June 15th,

   Some invited papers have been confirmed, but a limited
   number of speaking slots are still available. The
   conference is responsible for travel and accommodations
   for the speakers. If you have a proposal for a tutorial
   session then please make your submission by mailing a
   plain text version of the information along with any
   other supporting material or formats to synopsis of the
   material and your biography, papers and, speaking
   background to "secwest12 [at] eusecwest.com" Only slides
   will be needed for the September paper deadline, full
   text does not have to be submitted - but will be accepted
   if available. This year we will be opening up the
   presentation guidelines to include talks not in English
   (particularly Dutch, Chinese, French, Russian, and
   Spanish) which we will offer to translate for the speaker
   if they are not a native English speaker.

   The EUSecWest 2012 conference consists of tutorials on
   technical details about current issues, innovative
   techniques and best practices in the information security
   realm. The audiences are a multi-national mix of
   professionals involved on a daily basis with security
   work: security product vendors, programmers, security
   officers, and network administrators. We give preference
   to technical details and new education for a technical

   The conference itself is a single track series of
   presentations in a lecture theater environment. The
   presentations offer speakers the opportunity to showcase
   on-going research and collaborate with peers while
   educating and highlighting advancements in security
   products and techniques. The focus is on innovation,
   tutorials, and education instead of product pitches. Some
   commercial content is tolerated, but it needs to be
   backed up by a technical presenter - either giving a
   valuable tutorial and best practices instruction or
   detailing significant new technology in the products.

   Paper proposals should consist of the following
    1. Presenter, and geographical location (country of
       origin/passport) and contact info (e-mail, postal
       address, phone, fax).
    2. Employer and/or affiliations.
    3. Brief biography, list of publications and papers.
    4. Any significant presentation and educational
    5. Topic synopsis, Proposed paper title, and a one
       paragraph description.
    6. Reason why this material is innovative or significant
       or an important tutorial.
    7. Optionally, any samples of prepared material or
       outlines ready.
    8. Will you have full text available or only slides?
    9. Language of preference for submission.
   10. Please list any other publications or conferences
       where this material has been or will be
   11. If there are multiple speaker applicants please
       outline carefully what each speaker covers.
       Restrictions on expenses for multiple speakers may

   IMPORTANT:Please include the plain text version of this
   information in your email as well as any file, pdf, sxw,
   ppt, or html attachments.

   Please forward the above information to "secwest12 [at]
   eusecwest.com" to be considered for placement on the
   speaker roster, or have your lightning talk scheduled. If
   you contact anyone else at our organization please ensure
   you also forward a copy of the submission info to the
   submission address else it may be omitted from the
   review process.


World Emerging Security Technology
Amsterdam, September 19/20 2012 http://eusecwest.com
pgpkey http://cansecwest.com/ kyxpgp

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