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MobiPST 2012 Call For Papers

MobiPST 2012 Call For Papers
Posted Jan 25, 2012
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Call For Papers for MobiPST 2012 - The Second International Workshop on Privacy, Security and Trust in Mobile and Wireless Systems (MobiPST 2012) will be held in Munchen, Germany, July 30th through August 2nd, 2012.

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MobiPST 2012 Call For Papers

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The Second International Workshop on Privacy, Security and Trust in Mobile
and Wireless Systems (MobiPST 2012)

M√ľnchen, Germany, July 30 to August 2, 2012

Recently, mobile wireless devices, such as wireless sensors, smart tags,
smart pads, tablets, PDAs and smart phones, have become pervasive and
attracted significant interests from academia, industry, and standard
organizations. With the support of latest cloud computing technology, these
mobile wireless devices will play a more and more important role in
computing and communication systems. When these devices become pervasive,
security, privacy and trust become critical components for the acceptance of
applications build based on these devices. Moreover, several favourable
characteristics of mobile and wireless devices, including portability,
mobility, and sensitivity, further impose the challenge of security and
privacy in those systems. Despite recent advances, many research issues
still remain in the design of secure, privacy-preserving, or trust
architectures, protocols, algorithms, services, and applications on mobile
and wireless systems. For example, when mobile devices have more storage
space, high bandwidth, and super sensing capability, more sensitive
information will be stored in those devices. On the other hand, operating
systems running on those devices are not as powerful and reliable as those
on traditional computers. Both OS layer and higher-level layer protocols are
expected to enhance the security and preserve the privacy of those devices.
With more mobile devices being used in social networks and traditional
web-based systems, novel trust models are essential for new applications.
New cryptographic algorithms, key distribution schemes and access control
policies are also encouraged by considering the special characteristics of
mobile and wireless devices. With more and more attacks reported to mobile
devices in last two years, threat detection and protection tools are highly
expected to improve the security. Other issues such as malware, cyber
threat, attack modelling, security analysis, identity management, attack
tolerance, security recovery and anonymity techniques also need to be
revisited in these critical systems.

• Social Networks
• Smart Grid
• RFID-based Systems • Mobile Cloud • Cyber-Physical Systems
• Internet of Things
• Location-based Service Systems
• Wireless Local Area Networks • Wireless Sensor Networks
• Wireless Mesh Networks
• Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
• Vehicular Networks • Body-area Networks
• Cellular Networks • Home Networks This workshop aims to bring together the
technologists and researchers who share interests in the area of security,
privacy and trust in mobile and wireless systems, as well as explore new
venues of collaboration. The main purpose is to promote discussions of
research and relevant activities in the models and designs of secure,
privacy-preserving, or trust architectures, protocols, algorithms, services,
and applications, as well as analysis on cyber threat in mobile and wireless
systems. It also aims at increasing the synergy between academic and
industry professionals working in this area. We plan to seek papers that
address theoretical, experimental research, and work in-progress for
security, privacy and trust related issues in the context of mobile and
wireless systems that include, but are not limited to, the following

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts reporting original unpublished
research and recent developments in the topics related to the workshop.
Submissions should include a title, abstract, keywords, author(s) and
affiliation(s) with postal and e-mail address(es) of the corresponding
author. Submitted manuscripts must be formatted in standard IEEE
camera-ready format (double-column, 10-pt font) and must be submitted via
EDAS ( http://edas.info/ ) as PDF files (formatted for 8.5x11-inch paper).
The manuscripts should be no longer than 5 pages. One additional page is
permitted if the authors are willing to pay an over-length charge at the
time of publication (manuscripts should not exceed 6 pages). Submitted
papers cannot have been previously published in or be under consideration
for publication in another journal or conference. The workshop Program
Committee reserves the right to not review papers that either exceed the
length specification or have been submitted or published elsewhere.
Submissions must include a title, abstract, keywords, author(s) and
affiliation(s) with postal and e-mail address(es). All authors of a paper
must be registered in the RIGHT order via EDAS at the SUBMISSION TIME and
cannot be changed after the submission due time at EDAS. The paper title and
author name list/order cannot be changed during the final camera-ready
submission. The final program will be generated from EDAS automatically. A
paper abstract must be registered on EDAS by the deadline.

Review and Publication of Manuscripts

Submitted papers will be reviewed by the workshop Program Committee and
judged on originality, technical correctness, relevance, and quality of
presentation and the comments will be provided to the authors. Workshop
papers will be in the same proceedings of the main conference papers. An
accepted paper must be presented at the ICCCN 2012 venue by one of the
authors registered at the full registration rate. If any accepted paper is
not registered, the paper will be removed from the workshop program and the
proceedings. Each workshop registration covers up to two workshop papers by
an author. Accepted and registered papers will be published in proceedings
that will be available through Xplore. Papers that are not presented at the
ICCCN 2012 venue by one of the registered co-authors will not appear in

Outstanding papers will be invited to extend to full version for a
prestigious journal (SCI(E)-indexed), Information - An International
Interdisciplinary Journal and targeting publication in early 2013.


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