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LACSEC 2012 Call For Presentations

LACSEC 2012 Call For Presentations
Posted Jan 16, 2012
Site lacnic.net

LACSEC 2012 Call For Presentations - The 7th Network Security Event for Latin America and the Caribbean will be held in Quito, Ecuador May 6th through the 11th, 2012.

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LACSEC 2012 Call For Presentations

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7th Network Security Event for Latin America and the Caribbean
May 6-11, 2012, Quito, Ecuador

LACNIC (http://www.lacnic.net) is the international organization based
in (Uruguay) that is responsible for administrating IP address space,
Reverse Resolution, Autonomous System Numbers and other resources for
the region of Latin America and the Caribbean on behalf of the Internet

The ?7th Network Security Event for Latin America and the Caribbean?
will be held in Quito, Ecuador, within the framework of LACNIC's
seventeenth annual meeting (LACNIC XVII). This is a public call for
presentations for that event.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Honeypots, network monitoring and situational awareness tools in general.
* Fighting spam, particularly spam from origin (SPF, DKIM and related
technologies. Email reputation)
* Fighting phishing and pharming
* Fighting malware
* Internet protocol security
* IPv6 security
* DNSsec
* Security of network infrastructure services (DNS, NTP, etc.)
* Web security
* DoS/DDoS response and mitigation, botnets
* Authentication and access control
* Security in the cloud
* Protection of critical infrastructure
* Security in mobile systems
* Computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs): creation,
management, experiences
* Security in corporate environments, compliance and auditing, return on
security investments
* Security management (procedures, operational logs, records, etc.)
* Risk management in Information Security
* Computer forensics
* Protection of privacy
* Legal aspects relating to computer security

Guidelines for Presenting Proposals

Proposals for the ?7th Network Security Event for Latin America and the
Caribbean? (LACSEC 2012) must be presented taking into account the
following considerations:

* The proposal may consist of a paper, or (alternatively) an Extended
Abstract plus a draft version of the slides to be used for the presentation.
* Proposals may be presented in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
* Proposals must be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF)
* Submissions must be created directly using a word processing system
(scanned articles will not be accepted)
* Presentations may not be longer than 30 minutes.

Submitting a Proposal

Those interested in presenting at LACSEC 2012 must send the following
information to <comite_seguridad@lacnic.net> within the deadlines set
forth below:

* Full title of the presentation
* A paper or, alternatively, an Extended abstract and a draft of the
slides to eb used for the presentation. The paper should not be longer
than 10 pages. The extended abstract should not contain more than one
thousand (1000) words. The Evaluation Committee may, at its sole
discretion, request additional or complementary information.
* Full name, email address and organization with which the author (or
authors) of the submission is affiliated

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact the Evaluation
Committee at <comite_seguridad@lacnic.net>.

Proposal Evaluation

The Evaluation Committee that has been created for this purpose will
evaluate proposals based on the following basic criteria:

* Originality
* Technical quality
* Relevance
* Presentation
* Applicability

Speaker's Privileges

LACNIC will cover the registration fee for those authors whose
presentations are accepted. Speaker travel and accommodation expenses,
however, will not be covered.

Presenters who require financial assistance to attend the event may
apply for the LACNIC Financial Assistance Program. Please read the
corresponding instructions <http://lacnic.net/en/eventos/lacnicxvii/>.
In no case does applying for the sponsorship program guarantee that
financial assistance will be granted. For more information please
contact LACNIC staff at <becas@lacnic.net>.


* Deadline for proposal submission: February 15th, 2012
* Notification of acceptance: February 27th, 2012
* Deadline for submitting the final version the presentation: May 6th, 2012

"7th Network Security Event for Latin America and the Caribbean"
(LACSEC 2012)

Fernando Gont (SI6 Networks/UTN-FRH, Argentina)

Evaluation Committee
Iván Arce (Argentina)
Lorena Ferreyro (Consultora Independiente, Argentina)
Javier Liendo (Cisco, Mexico)
Carlos Martinez Cagnazzo (LACNIC, Uruguay)
Reinaldo Mayol (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia)
Domingo Montanaro (iSight Partners, Brazil)
Jose Miguel Parrella Romero (Debian developer, Ecuador)
Patricia Prandini (ADACSI, Argentina)
Javier Romero (JaCkSecurity, Peru)
Arturo Servin (LACNIC, Uruguay)
Liliana V. Solha (CAIS/RNP, Brazil)
Leonardo Vidal (ISOC Capitulo Uruguay, Uruguay)

- --
Fernando Gont
SI6 Networks
e-mail: fgont@si6networks.com
PGP Fingerprint: 6666 31C6 D484 63B2 8FB1 E3C4 AE25 0D55 1D4E 7492

Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


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