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AthCon 2012 Call For Papers

AthCon 2012 Call For Papers
Posted Jan 13, 2012
Authored by Christian Papathanasiou | Site athcon.org

The AthCon 2012 Call For Papers has been announced. It will take place in Athens, Greece on May 3rd through the 4th, 2012.

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AthCon 2012 Call For Papers

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The Call For Papers (CFP) for AthCon 2012 which will take place in
Athens, Greece on the 3-4th of May, 2012 will only be open for a
30-day window.
The important dates are as follows:

• 01/01/2012: CFP Opens
• 31/01/2012: CFP Closes
• 15/02/2012: Acceptance Notification
• 30/02/2012: Conference Schedule Publication
• 20/03/2012: Camera Ready Material

As AthCon is a single track conference this year, we are expecting
fierce competition. Thus, please plan early and follow the guidelines
in this section for your work to be considered for 2012.


All paper submissions are expected to be written in and will be
reviewed in English. You are welcome to submit material, regardless of
your organisation. AthCon welcomes cutting edge information security
research from industry, researchers, professionals, academics,
government and the underground security community. As a guideline, the
following topics are rendered relevant for 2012:

• Android/iPhone/Windows Mobile research


• SmartGrid


• Biometrics

• Digital Forensics
• Exploitation Tactics
• Java & .NET Security
• Malware Analysis
• Operating System Security (7, XP, Vista, GNU/Linux, OS X, Plan 9, *BSD, …)
• Personal Area Network hacking
• Rootkit Detection, Techniques, and Defenses
• Source Code Auditing & Review
• Steganography & Cryptography in Information Security
• Web Framework Security

Please note we are non-product, non-vendor biased security conference,
and do not accept vendor pitches.


The CFP program committee is comprised of the following members:
• Panagiotis Kotsiopoulos, [Senior IT Security Consultant]
• Athanasios Kostopoulos, [R&D Engineer]
• Emmanouel Kellinis, [Senior IT Security Consultant]
• Glafkos Charalambous, [Chief Technology Officer  / OWASP Cyprus]
• George Nicolaou, [Indepedent IT Security Consutlant]
• Dimitris Koukoutsas, [Indepedent IT Security Consutlant]


Papers and presentations are now being accepted. All proposals should
be submitted via email to cfp@athcon.org; due to the love of spam. The
subject must begin with: “[AthCon 2012 CFP]“. Furthermore, your email
must include the following information in the body:

• Date of Submission: dd/mm/yyyy
• Primary Speaker Name: Name Surname (optional: Alias)
• Employer/Organisation: Company or Organisation (please choose one, not both)
• Primary Phone Number:
• Primary Email Address:
• Additional Speakers’ name(s)*:
• Submission Type: Presentation/Training
• Country:
• Short Biography: (max 100 words)
* AthCon will only be able to cover the expenses of a single speaker
attending the conference. Any additional speakers for an individual
talk, hold the sole responsibility of covering their expenses in
attending the conference.


Your mail must have as an attachment a flat txt file with the
following information regarding your presentation:
• Name of the Presentation (max 10 words)
• Synopsis of Talk (max 250 words) Describe, in no more than 250
words, how your talk will contribute to the knowledge of information
security and what new areas and needs it addresses. Remember, it is
not enough to state that it works; the CFP Committee needs to
understand your work correctly. Assist them in doing just that.
Describe, in no more than 250 words which areas from the AthCon CFP
for 2011 your talk is relevant to and why. In no more than 1000 words
present an outline of your talk: We are interested in you being able
to keep the interest of a highly technical and skilled audience for
the duration of the presentation:
• Introduction will involve…
• Motivation behind this work is…
• Overall, the audience should benefit by…
• The conclusions drawn from your topic are…
Finally, the following general information should be included:
• My talk is innovative and should be accepted because…
• You can find information about my talk (or at least my topic area)
in the following URLs:
All submissions entered in the correct format above will be considered
for review. The review will take place by the AthCon CFP Committee. If
you are excepted to present at AthCon, we will require a final version
of the above descriptions, plus the slides by the camera-ready date.
This is for your talk to be included in the proceedings of AthCon
2012. Remember, we are looking for cutting edge and beyond! Good luck…


As a speaker for AthCon, you are entitled to the following:

• One economy class return-ticket to Athens, Greece
• 2 nights of accommodation in the conference hotel (Semiramis Hotel, Athens)
• Breakfast, lunch, daily coffee breaks
• Speaker activities before during and after the conference
• Speaker closing party ticket and relevant access

As a trainer for AthCon, you are entitled to the following:

• 50% of the net profit of the class
• 2 nights of accommodation in the conference hotel (Semiramis Hotel, Athens)
• Breakfast, lunch, daily coffee breaks
• Free Speaker Badge for the conference
• Speaker activities before during and after the conference
• Speaker closing party ticket and relevant access

If you are selected for the "Turbo Talks" track you will only receive
entrance to the conference. As a "Turbo Talks" presenter, you WILL NOT
receive compensation for lodging or travel. AthCon sponsors or their
respective employees are ineligible for compensation for lodging or


AthCon official webpage: http://www.athcon.org

AthCon official hashtag: #athcon

AthCon official Twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/athc0n

AthCon official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/athcon

AthCon photos from 2011: http://www.facebook.com/athcon?sk=photos


On behalf of the AthCon organising committee

Christian Papathanasiou / chris@athcon.org


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