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Longshine Multiple Print Servers Cross Site Scripting

Longshine Multiple Print Servers Cross Site Scripting
Posted Apr 4, 2011
Authored by b0telh0 | Site gotgeek.com.br

Longshine Multiple Print Servers suffer from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

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Longshine Multiple Print Servers Cross Site Scripting

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Longshine Multiple Print Servers Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability

[+] Description

The LCS-PS110 Parallel-Port-Printserver enables you to share your printer
in the whole network from every workstation. This multiprotocol printserver
supports the most common network protocols and operating systems. For
easy configuration and administration it supports SNMP, Web-Interface and
other configuration and management tools.

The LCS-PS101-A is a small, handy Printserver for Printers with USB-Connector.
The Printserver is the comfortable solution to connect Ink, Colour, Laser
or Pinprinter to your Network with 10 or 100Mbit/s. The Printer will be
connected over a high-speed USB 2.0 standard port. It supports the most common
Operating Systems. You can configure and administrate the Printserver with
several Software and Web-Interfaces. The Printserver is the ideal device for
flexible operations in envirements like Home-Offices or small and middle
sized Offices.

The LCS-PS112 Printserver connects your Printers directly to the Network
and gives every workstation in the network access for printing. The LCS–PS112
provides 2 x USB printerports and 1x Parallel printerport enablinge three
Printers to share the whole Network. Easy and fast to configure with the
PS-Admin-Tool. The LCS-PS112 is the right solution for small offices but also
a Enterprise solution for Printerfarms.

[+] Information

Title: Longshine Multiple Print Servers Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
Shodan Dork: ZOT-PS-47/9.8.0015 -WWW-Authenticate
ZOT-PS-35/6.2.0001 -WWW-Authenticate
ZOT-PS-39/6.3.0007 -WWW-Authenticate
Advisory: gg-010-2011
Date: 03-15-2011
Last update: 03-26-2011
Link: http://www.gotgeek.com.br/pocs/gg-010-2011.txt

[+] Vulnerabilities

Stored Cross-site Scripting:
Web interface from PS110, PS101-A and PS112 Print Servers are affected by stored
cross-site scripting vulnerability because it fails to properly sanitize
user-supplied input at "NDSContext" field in "NetWare NDS Settings" area.
An attacker may leverage this issue to execute arbitrary script code
in the browser of an unsuspecting user in the context of the affected site.

After injecting the XSS code, you need to access Netware status page.

Affected Versions:

Longshine LCS-PS110 Parallel-Port-Printserver
Firmware: 9.08.47L 0015 (ZOT-PS-47/9.8.0015)
8.02.30L (ZOT-PS-30/8.2.0004)

Longshine LCS-PS101-A USB-Printserver
Firmware: 9.08.47L 0015 (ZOT-PS-47/9.8.0015)
6.02.35L (ZOT-PS-35/6.2.0001)

Longshine LCS-PS112 Printserver
Firmware: 6.03.39L 0007 (ZOT-PS-39/6.3.0007)
6.03.39L 0004 (ZOT-PS-39/6.3.0004)

Other versions may also be vulnerable.

[+] Proof of Concept/Exploit


and then..


[+] Timeline

24-03-2011: first contact to vendor.
29-03-2011: second contact to vendor.
03-04-2011: no vendor response.
04-04-2011: advisory published.

[+] References


[+] Credits



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