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Sydbox Sandbox 0.7.1
Posted Oct 13, 2010
Authored by Ali Polatel | Site projects.0x90.dk

Sydbox is a ptrace-based sandbox implementation. It intercepts system calls, checks for allowed filesystem prefixes, and denies them when checks fail. It has basic support for disallowing network connections. It has basic support to sandbox execve calls. It is based in part on catbox and strace.

Changes: This release removes the EFAULT hack for path arguments now that pinktrace is fixed. It uses pinktrace\'s API to decode -terminated string arrays for execve(). It requires pinktrace 0.0.3.
tags | tool
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 3d3b1e6deb3121ed662c9c2e28c4c2978af601998bb2a04f48080daf45d82358
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