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FuzzDiff Crash Analysis Tool
Posted Jul 26, 2010
Authored by Dan Rosenberg | Site vsecurity.com

FuzzDiff is a simple tool created to assist in helping make crash analysis during file format fuzzing a bit easier. When provided with a fuzzed file, a corresponding original un-fuzzed file, and the path to the targeted program, FuzzDiff will selectively "un-fuzz" portions of the fuzzed file while re-launching the application to monitor for crashes. This will yield a file that still crashes the target application, but contains a minimum set of changes from the original, un-fuzzed file. This can be useful in pinning down the exact cause of a crash.

tags | fuzzer
SHA-256 | 64a2478b6758505b56ea79a765292e926f190b7255790d538d7a95e688fd16bb
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