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ARP Sniff (Sniffer Lite) Tool
Posted Mar 17, 2010
Authored by K.K.Senthil Velan

ARP Sniff (Sniffer Lite) is a tiny ARP sniffer. This tool will be useful to analyze the ARP packets in the network. The tool gives out two types of information, the 14 byte Ethernet header and 28 byte ARP header. The tool requires G++ compiler and a libpcap package. Three arguments are coded as of now. One is to list the available devices, second is to sniff the default device and third is to sniff the device given as argument. The sniffer outputs the Ethernet header (Source MAC address, Destination MAC address and Ethernet type), ARP Header (Hardware type, Protocol type, Hardware address length, Protocol address length, Opcode, Source Hardware address and Protocol address, Destination hardware address and Protocol address).

tags | exploit, protocol
SHA-256 | b387e1a4fbd24fe919f22cc21d89e6b68a9fd6e6fd74d26891da43f1d82cb940
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