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Ubuntu Security Notice 978-2
Posted Sep 18, 2010
Authored by Ubuntu | Site security.ubuntu.com

Ubuntu Security Notice 978-2 - USN-978-1 fixed vulnerabilities in Thunderbird. Some users reported stability problems under certain circumstances. This update fixes the problem. Several dangling pointer vulnerabilities were discovered in Thunderbird. It was discovered that the XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper (SJOW) security wrapper did not always honor the same-origin policy. Matt Haggard discovered that Thunderbird did not honor same-origin policy when processing the statusText property of an XMLHttpRequest object. Chris Rohlf discovered an integer overflow when Thunderbird processed the HTML frameset element. Several issues were discovered in the browser engine. David Huang and Collin Jackson discovered that the <object> tag could override the charset of a framed HTML document in another origin. Paul Stone discovered that with designMode enabled an HTML selection containing JavaScript could be copied and pasted into a document and have the JavaScript execute within the context of the site where the code was dropped. A buffer overflow was discovered in Thunderbird when processing text runs. Peter Van der Beken, Jason Oster, Jesse Ruderman, Igor Bukanov, Jeff Walden, Gary Kwong and Olli Pettay discovered several flaws in the browser engine.

tags | advisory, overflow, javascript, vulnerability
systems | linux, ubuntu
advisories | CVE-2010-2760, CVE-2010-2763, CVE-2010-2764, CVE-2010-2765, CVE-2010-2766, CVE-2010-2767, CVE-2010-2768, CVE-2010-2769, CVE-2010-3166, CVE-2010-3167, CVE-2010-3168, CVE-2010-3169
SHA-256 | 279e9c9f571dc9eb648f55303ef86819aa3f9ac4e057095049c812b308770b96
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