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JavaPayload - Platform Independent Java Stager Payloads
Posted Apr 19, 2010
Authored by Michael Schierl | Site schierlm.users.sourceforge.net

This archive contains a collection of pure Java payloads, from simple Shell and UpExec payloads (which need - to some degree - platform dependent parameters), to a JSh ("Java Shell") payload that supports an interactive shell to query system properties, run applications, open TCP connections, navigate the filesystem and read/write text files. Basic job control enables to run more than one command or TCP session via a single exploited session. These payloads are modular, consisting of three parts: loaders, stagers and stages. Loaders, stagers and stages can be combined arbitrarily, and the stages and stagers can also be used to integrate them into other exploit frameworks like Metasploit (if you are more Ruby-literate than me). There are also examples included how to call these payloads from standalone applications, signed Java applets, OpenOffice macros or via JDWP debug connections.

tags | java, shell, tcp, ruby
MD5 | ea68471c19a1bcb2ce9752d5b4f90cb7
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