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Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by pragmatic

Hacking Linux Loadable Kernel Modules - The definitive guide to hacking Linux Loadable Kernel Modules for hackers, virus coders and system administrators. Covers the Basics, hacking modules for Fun & Profit, Solutions (for admins), Some Better Ideas (for hackers), and plenty of source code, including: LKM Infection by Stealthf0rk/SVAT, Heroin - the classic one by Runar Jensen, LKM Hider / Socket Backdoor by plaguez, LKM TTY hijacking by halflife, AFHRM - the monitor tool by Michal Zalewski, CHROOT module trick by FLoW/HISPAHACK, Kernel Memory Patching by ?, Module insertion without native support by Silvio Cesare.

tags | paper, kernel, virus
systems | linux
SHA-256 | cc8a876f7f19cf157816233c862049c0d5c731613c07744f186efa834b1c1a7f
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