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Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Mixter | Site

Tribe Flood Network 2000. Using distributed client/server functionality, stealth and encryption techniques and a variety of functions, TFN can be used to control any number of remote machines to generate on-demand, anonymous Denial Of Service attacks and remote shell access. The new and improved features in this version include Remote one-way command execution for distributed execution control, Mix attack aimed at weak routers, Targa3 attack aimed at systems with IP stack vulnerabilities, Compatibility to many UNIX systems and Windows NT, spoofed source addresses, strong CAST encryption of all client/server traffic, one-way communication protocol, messaging via random IP protocol, decoy packets, and extensive documentation. Currently no IDS software will recognise tfn2k.

tags | remote, denial of service, shell, spoof, vulnerability, protocol
systems | windows, unix, nt
MD5 | fc1cb14f2e24cdc2b64f93dde22f8420
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