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Posted Dec 4, 2002
Authored by Security Storm | Site

Secure Data 2002 is the start of a new line of security tools by Security Storm. Secure Data 2002 brings an easy to use interface to the best encryption technologies. From XOR to Blowfish to RC4 and many more Secure Data 2002 is the easy way to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data using common encryption technologies and a passphrase of your choice. Secure Data 2002 is compatible with Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2002, and Windows XP.

tags | encryption
systems | windows, 9x, nt, me, xp
MD5 | eea35012b658c7a045e4c7026a298f6c
Posted Dec 11, 2000
Authored by Sergey Shevchenko | Site

Data Encryption Toolkit is a program for data encryption with many additional features. This program allows you to use 5 well-known and highly secured encryption algorithms (Blowfish, DES etc.). DET will help you to encrypt single files, groups of files or the whole folders, including all its subfolders, easy and quickly. You can work with encrypted folders as simply as with usual folders (except entering the unlocking password). All encryption and decryption actions will be done on fly. The program is integrated into any Windows shell and all its functions are available from the context menu. Besides encryption the program has some additional features. DET has a high speed, is easy to setup and to use.

tags | shell, encryption
systems | windows
MD5 | a5764f863ae502ca6bb17a33be805814
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