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Posted Oct 23, 2004

Camouflage v1.2.1 is an incredibly weak steganography tool for Windows. It can use various image files and doc files as a carrier to hide arbitrary data inside of. It has been broken by a number of researchers, so you would be pretty stupid to use it. See here.

tags | arbitrary, encryption, steganography
systems | windows
MD5 | c62b050117c2cba3518e5a734fedef1f
Posted Oct 23, 2004
Authored by vikt0ry | Site vikt0ry.com

This is a Windows program that "unprotects" files which have been hidden using a steganography program called Camouflage. If the Camouflage'd file requires a password, the password is reset to nothing.

tags | encryption, steganography
systems | windows
MD5 | 0d9f9a29631b628896e77d4cd6cb85f9
Posted Oct 23, 2004
Authored by Andrew Christensen

This is a Perl script that can search files to identify whether data has been hi dden using a weak steganography tool for Windows named Camouflage. If Camouflage has been used, it prints the approximate amount of hidden data, and says how many hidden files there are. If a password was used to "protect" the hidden data, the password is printed out. It has been tested against .doc carrier files, and tested against Camouflage v1.2.1. It also saves an unprotected version of the file with a different name.

tags | perl, encryption, steganography
systems | windows
MD5 | 77507ef545cc4686a76ac80864e41442
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