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Posted Aug 24, 2007
Authored by Laurent, Stephane

Text file discussing electronic telecards and GSM.

tags | telephony
MD5 | 23d7b899453ef201cd0da6b5e9493688
Posted Oct 30, 2002
Site codewar.net

CUTs (cellphone unix terminal) is a procmail hack that allows you to use a normal cellphone's messaging capability as a Unix/Linux terminal from anywhere.

tags | telephony
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 4c30b3b77376b70b194f019b71a53df2
Posted Sep 25, 2002

How to unlock a Samsung T300 cellphone

tags | telephony
MD5 | 84ce827766ef65737d494e25fe3689f2
Posted May 21, 2002

New nextel phone's auto answer feature is being used as a bug.

tags | telephony
MD5 | c825f193e93130a4a5d20ad29d72e2a9
Posted May 15, 2002
Authored by Dane-Garrin Balial

GSM Demystified - A basic paper on GSM.

tags | telephony
MD5 | 727f92823fba67ae15f3aa88abd82f15
Posted Feb 22, 2001
Authored by Phantom Signal

Cell phone cloning for beginners (microsoft word format) - Covers ESN programming, snarfing, and more.

tags | telephony
MD5 | f696dc46ae93fb069d3b734442cdf72f
Posted Nov 29, 2000
Authored by Zion | Site fuxx0rs.cjb.net

How to get free cellphone calls in Germany by using a free 800 number.

tags | telephony
MD5 | 6269a845457758ccbcc376886744ea7b
Posted Mar 29, 2000

CellCo system ID listing.

tags | telephony
MD5 | 815759a8fc8620ed6d31f442efb30b2b
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