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Posted Sep 30, 1999

Internet Viruses Advisory.

MD5 | 4bb9940ca1049a146ba53ecf98867f39
Posted Sep 30, 1999

VMware v1.0.1 and earlier for Linux contains multiple buffer overflows, allowing local users to obtain root access.

tags | overflow, local, root
systems | linux
MD5 | bde3de95eabc811b7c98dbcb2417d5b6
Posted Sep 30, 1999

Cable modem/DSL users using Windows with shares enabled can allow unauthorized users to access their data. Password protected shares are also susceptible to brute force attacks.

systems | windows
MD5 | fa70478ad635a7140593879e12bd0a6b
Posted Sep 30, 1999

Team Asylum has discovered a vulnerability that exists in iHTML Merchant which would allow a malicious hacker to (at the very least) view the protected files in the website's administrative section, giving the attacker the ability to view credit card information. If the iHTML Merchant is being run on Windows 95/98/NT the vulnerability is much more severe. The vulnerability exists in how iHTML Merchant parses code. The attacker could: 1) Delete any file on the server 2) Write a file to any folder on the server. 3) Upload a trojan. 4) Steal credit card numbers, and other hidden information. If the iHTML Merchant is being run on UNIX, the possibility exists that the web site could be altered. These findings reflect the default settings for 95/98/NT and iHTML Merchant.

tags | web, trojan
systems | windows, 9x, unix
MD5 | 7bccac04c20fb5e86a41b88dde56facc
Posted Sep 30, 1999

A denial of service attack exists in build 733 of Yahoo! Messenger. The vulnerability exists when Messenger leaves port 5010 open. When a connection is made on port 5010, Messenger crashes. The connection stays open until the user closes the program. Malicious users can not only crash Yahoo! Messenger users, but it also gives them the capability of scanning and detecting Messenger users across wide networks by simply scanning port 5010.

tags | denial of service
MD5 | bc85ccbcb78f9e1576da2fecc22d0386
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