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Posted Feb 9, 2001

OpenBSD Security Advisory - OpenSSH-2.3.1, a development snapshot, only checked if a public key for public key authentication was permitted. In the protocol 2 part of the server, the challenge-response step that ensures that the connecting client is in possession of the corresponding private key has been omitted. As a result, anyone who could obtain the public key listed in the users authorized_keys file could log in as that user without authentication. This vulnerability affects only OpenSSH version 2.3.1 with support for protocol 2 enabled. The latest official release OpenSSH 2.3.0 is not affected by this problem. The latest snapshot version OpenSSH 2.3.2 is not affected either. Fix available here.

tags | protocol
systems | openbsd
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Posted Dec 22, 2000

OpenBSD Security Advisory - A one byte buffer overflow bug in ftpd(8) allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code as root provided they can create a directory.

tags | remote, overflow, arbitrary, root
systems | openbsd
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Posted Oct 4, 2000

OpenBSD Advisories - There is a format string vulnerability present in the pw_error() function of OpenBSD 2.7's libutil library can yield localhost users root access through the setuid /usr/bin/chpass utility. Affected versions: OpenBSD versions through 2.7. FreeBSD 4.0 is vulnerable, but patches have been backported, and FreeBSD versions 4.1 and 4.1.1 are safe.

tags | root
systems | freebsd, openbsd
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