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Posted Apr 6, 2002
Site nsfocus.com

Nsfocus Security Advisory SA2002-02 - Xsun, shipped with Solaris 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8 contains a local root vulnerability due to a heap overflow in the -co options.

tags | overflow, local, root
systems | solaris
MD5 | b1cea44377038e7d2125c5ea1743fe13
Posted Nov 17, 2001
Site nsfocus.com

A remote buffer overflow vulnerability has been found in ActivePerl PerlIS.dll, affecting Microsoft IIS 4 and 5 servers with ActivePerl and earlier versions installed.

tags | remote, overflow
MD5 | a4d0581ef42998ffef9d012d6c763dda
Posted Jan 9, 2001
Authored by NSFOCUS | Site nsfocus.com

NSFOCUS Security Advisory (SA2001-01) - The NetScreen Firewall / VPN Appliance has an overflow vulnerability in the web interface which allows remote users to crash the firewall with a large URL. All current versions of ScreenOS, including v1.73r1, 2.0r6, 2.1r3 and 2.5r1 are affected. Perl exploit included. Fix available here.

tags | remote, web, overflow, perl
MD5 | 461b4b78a0613c22ce2385ec0debfced
Posted Dec 23, 2000
Site nsfocus.com

NSFOCUS Security Advisory (SA2000-07) - A serious flaw in Microsoft IIS 4.0 and 5.0 when handling CGI filenames allows any file on the system to be read and remote command execution, as described in here.

tags | remote, cgi
MD5 | ea015026bde97bb7ea1ff31fc8929458
Posted Dec 15, 2000
Site nsfocus.com

NSFOCUS Security Advisory (SA2000-09) - EZshopper v2.0 and v3.0 from AHG contains remote CGI vulnerabilities which allow an attacker to get directory listings and sensitive file contents. Exploit URL's included.

tags | remote, cgi, vulnerability
MD5 | 5744a685e7f488d605567a237e343648
Posted Dec 15, 2000
Site nsfocus.com

NSFOCUS Security Advisory (SA2000-08) - Microsoft IIS for Far East Editions File Disclosure Vulnerability. Submitting a malformed URL with a non-ascii character, a different file can be opened and the contents read. Vulnerable versions include IIS 4.0 (Far East Edition) previous to SP6 and IIS 5.0 (Far East Edition). English versions are unaffected. Exploit will be released soon.

MD5 | 42f3c4c4090f2e8ed178eea56f2ccdbc
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