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Posted Sep 14, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site Weekly Newsletter for September 11, 2000. The purpose of this document is to provide our readers with a quick summary of each week's most relevant Linux security headlines. This weeks issue contains How to perform a secure remote backup, Introduction to Unix permissions, Using Postfix: A basic guide on configuring and installing, Booting without all the extras, Firewalls - Common Configuration Problems, Amateur Fortress Building in Linux, Authentication: Patterns of Trust, Solar Designer's 2.2.17 Kernel Patch, Network ICE Releases Open-source Carnivore, Researchers refuse Carnivore review, and more.

tags | remote, kernel
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 91e938d9c5503910770383905bab2f8f
Posted Sep 8, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Advisory Watch for September 8th, 2000. Linux Advisory Watch is a comprehensive newsletter that outlines the security vulnerabilities that have been announced throughout the week. It includes pointers to updated packages and descriptions of each vulnerability. This week, advisories were released for glibc, screen, apache, and suidperl from Caldera, Conectiva, Debian, Mandrake, Slackware, SuSE, and Trustix.

tags | vulnerability
systems | linux, suse, slackware, debian, mandrake
MD5 | 3b915a48d70da39701cafcb36b07deb4
Posted Sep 6, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week September 4 - In this issue: Our feature this week, "Setting up a Linux Log Server to enhance System Security," provides clear step-by-step information on how to setup a log server. Also includes papers on Intrusion Detection Level Analysis of Nmap and Queso, PAM - Pluggable Authentication Modules, Anyone with a Screwdriver Can Break In (physical linux security), Inexpensive measures to solve security problems, Attacking Linux, Firewalls - Placement, The Emotional Side of Cryptography, Ain't no network strong enough, Encryption Could Starve Carnivore, The next era for Internet security, Review of Debian 2.2 Security, Justice shops for Carnivore review, Interview with Lance Spitzner, and much more.

systems | linux, debian
MD5 | 31df971348fd6490b9d4b01a0ff2044f
Posted Aug 7, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week August 7 - In this issue: Advisories for mailman, netscape, cvsweb, kon2, and pam_console. Of these, remote root vulnerabilities are present in cvsweb and kon2. Also includes a feature article on the US and UK governments wanting to install a device on public networks to monitor traffic for suspected criminal activity, Interivew with Jasta: coder of Gnapster, Discussion of "Linux Sux Redux" Issue, How Do I Tighten Security on My System?, Bruce Schneier, "It doesn't look good.", Will Crypto Feast on Carnivore?, An Old Spy with a New Vision of Encryption, The Coroner's Toolkit, Running logcheck, the logfile auditing software for Unix, Tools of the Trade: nmap, and more.

tags | remote, root, crypto, vulnerability
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | a7b36294c212a534946a162c29ff84da
Posted Aug 7, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week July 31 - In this issue: Advisories for gpm, man, dhcp-client, Zope, openldap, BitchX, pam, and nfs-utils were released. DHCP-client and nfs-utils vulnerabilities can both theoretically be used to gain remote root access. Also includes stories on Forensics, Full Disclosure, Apache Guide: Apache Authentication, Linux Networking: Using Ipchains, and more.

tags | remote, root, vulnerability
systems | linux
MD5 | 2dc69f23c2922656ec0f3c9786ee0351
Posted Jul 25, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week July 24 - In this issue: Deploying Portsentry, How Buffer Overflow attacks work, Maximizing Apache Server Security, Secure Directory Services for E-Business, IPSec update, RedHat PAM updates available, NFS-utils rpc.statd remote vulnerability, Mandrake usermode vulnerability, LISTSERV web archive remote overflow, Stalker CommuniGate Pro read any file vulnerability, and SuSE Nkitb (ftp) vulnerability.

tags | remote, web, overflow
systems | linux, redhat, suse, mandrake
MD5 | d173b963f9239fa9203d3fcf12fa2eef
Posted Jul 18, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week July 17 - In this issue: Advisories were released on cvsweb, FreeBSD ip-options, popper, canna, wu-ftpd, dump, dhclient, tnef, Big Brother, ftpd setproctitle, and Apache::ASP. The feature article this week is "Jay Beale and the Bastille Linux Project". Also contains articles on Buffer Overflows, Securing Sendmail on four types of systems, Tripwire / AIDE, Installing djbdns (DNScache) for Name Service, SSH Tutorial, OpenSSH, Making an Unbreakable Code, E-signatures can be easily forged, and more.

tags | overflow, asp
systems | linux, freebsd
MD5 | 6481c18e71a0f921d58d18945edcb2d9
Posted Jul 12, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week July 10 - In this issue: Securing Sendmail, Understanding the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, PGP patch, BitchX dos vulnerability, man vulnerability (makewhatis /tmp bug), multiple freebsd patches, OpenSSH uselogin vulnerability, weekly security news, and much more.

tags | denial of service
systems | linux, freebsd
MD5 | d26d0782a99f52acb8166e0c2c633a9d
Posted Jul 3, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week july 3 - In this issue: Securing your pages in Apache, Simple commands for Intrusion Detection, Interview with Brian Gemberling of PullThePlug, WU-FTPD remote root vulnerability, DHCP remote root exploit, and much more.

tags | remote, root
systems | linux
MD5 | 5c2c6ecd4abb4d8f0fd9780c57a36164
Posted Jun 26, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week June 26 - In this issue: The default configuration of wu-ftpd is vulnerable to remote users gaining root access, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Network Intrusion Detection Using Snort, Updates for Mandrake bind, cdrecord, dump, fdutils, kdesu, xemacs, and xlockmore, Remote users can cause a FreeBSD system to panic and reboot via bugs in the processing of IP options in the FreeBSD IP stack, Remote vulnerabilities exist with all Zope-2.0 releases, NetBSD: libdes vulnerability, RedHat: 2.2.16 Kernel Released, Bastille Linux Review, and Intel admits wireless security concerns.

tags | remote, kernel, root, vulnerability, protocol
systems | linux, redhat, netbsd, freebsd, mandrake
MD5 | 61dfd39ef48fbea8f6afa7dbfb9027df
Posted Jun 19, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week June 12 - In this issue: Updates are available for the Document Template package, BRU Backup Utility, Kerberos 5, and a bug on FreeBSD/Alpha systems that weakens its encryption. OpenBSD 2.7 is annunced and and the U.S. House gives its "OK" to the digital signature bill.

systems | linux, freebsd, openbsd
MD5 | 47e21509c2fd6fbcecdba2f9e63011e9
Posted Jun 12, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas | Site

Linux Security Week June 12 - In this issue: A very serious Linux kernel security bug was recently discovered that allows local users to gain root access, SuSE 6.x: qpop vulnerability, Conectiva: gpm Remote buffer overflow, BRU: local root exploit vulnerability, Solar Designer's OpenWall Kernel Patch, BSD Based Operating Systems: IPCS, RedHat 6.x: kdelibs vulnerability, Debian: mailx local exploit, Linux 101: Basic network security, Bastille Linux: A Walkthrough, OpenSSH 2.2.1 Released, and more.

tags | remote, overflow, kernel, local, root
systems | linux, redhat, suse, bsd, debian
MD5 | 178b0cc53379f7514754c960577bf703
Posted Jun 7, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas, Dave Wreski | Site

Linux Security Magazine June 5, 2000. In this issue - Articles: An Introduction to IP Masquerading - Part 2, Firewall placement, Cracked! Part 4: The Sniffer, Who's Sniffing Your Network?, Update: Blocking "Killer Resume", Buffer Overrun Vulnerabilities in Kerberos, popa3d v0.4 contributed Kerberos, Linux Deleted File Recovery Tool, Mission Critical Linux, and Domain Hijacking Raises Security Issue. Advisories: RedHat Majordomo, Turbolinux users can view shadowed password file, PGP 5.0 Key generation weakness, SuSE kmulti local root compromise, Mandrake kdesu vulnerability, NetBSD Local "cpu-hog" denial of service, NetBSD SysV semaphore denial-of-service, NetBSD /etc/ftpchroot parsing broken, NetBSD Exploitable Vulnerability in Xlockmore, OpenBSD Xlockmore vulnerability, OpenBSD ipf vulnerability.

tags | denial of service, overflow, local, root, vulnerability
systems | linux, redhat, netbsd, suse, openbsd, mandrake
MD5 | a3d692877ee2e3cfca5c314439b6a659
Posted May 30, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas, Dave Wreski | Site

Linux Security Magazine May 29. In this issue - Articles: The Top 10 Security Risks, Intrusion Detection on Linux, Analyzing Future Computer Trends and Threats, Always-on Internet Security, Mini-FAQ: "antivirus software for Linux". New Advisories this week: FreeBSD process and krb5 vubnerabilities, TurboLinux gpm, SuSE gdm, Slackware fdmount, XFree86 Multiple distribution vulnerability, Red Hat Secure Web Server 3.0-3.2: mailmail, Qpopper Vulnerability, Mandrake 7 dump vulnerability, Mandrake xemacs vulnerability, Mandrake fdmount buffer overflow, Caldera buffer overflow in kdm, and Caldera DoS attack against X server.

tags | web, overflow
systems | linux, redhat, freebsd, suse, slackware, mandrake
MD5 | 5968cee6649df42f5ce0e6f50ab983d4
Posted May 22, 2000
Authored by Benjamin Thomas, Dave Wreski | Site

Linux Security Magazine May 22 - In this issue: Slackware users, upgrade lynx!, Netscape 4.73 fixes SSL bugs, Many buffer overruns in Kerberos, Several problems in xemacs, gnapster/knapster - remote users to view local files, Lynx ports contain numerous buffer overflows, SUSE Kernel Vulnerability in the udp and ftp masquerading code, OpenLDAP 1.2.9 and earlier Vulnerability, An Introduction to IP Masquerading, Watching Your Logs by Lance Spitzner, Security Scanners for Linux, New DDoS tools developed, and much more.

tags | remote, overflow, kernel, local, udp
systems | linux, suse, slackware
MD5 | 3c5f136158cae5a46ad03fddb64fa8e1
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