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Posted Sep 14, 1999

Field notice from Cisco regarding IOS DFS Access List Leakage.

systems | cisco
MD5 | 7499180a88fc39e1059f4c5eba793495
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Microsoft has released a patch that fixes a vulnerability involving scripted pastes that has been discovered with Internet Explorer 4.01 on Win32 and Win16 platforms.

systems | windows
MD5 | 19e420819fa766e22ad54ff364e797aa
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information regarding an error in Cisco IOS software.

systems | cisco
MD5 | 497afca4405e3aa4d194f14a739ddc22
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in the SCO "mscreen" serial multiscreens utility.

tags | vulnerability
MD5 | 146dcdab74d44d3a9e384d22360eeb7f
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from Cisco about a Cisco Resource Manager (CRM) Temporary File Vulnerability.

systems | cisco
MD5 | bc6c09e237b521f14ea1a4d126697626
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from Cisco regarding IOS remote router crash.

tags | remote
systems | cisco
MD5 | 30c8c3949ee77f1e4b2e48b125570953
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information regarding a file access issue with Internet Information Server.

MD5 | 34d38d4a23933c7f23e09a1ab1b96dd4
Posted Sep 14, 1999

A potential vulnerability with LOGINOUT for OpenVMS (VAX & ALPHA) V7.1 software has been discovered.

systems | vax
MD5 | 78d220bad7256c6b4c2850a4f09bf587
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from Cisco regarding PIX Private Link Key Processing and Cryptography Issues.

systems | cisco
MD5 | bed703f09b37a3ab938e4c918f30fa1a
Posted Sep 14, 1999

The Open Group has discovered vulnerabilities in xterm and Xaw.

tags | vulnerability
MD5 | 533d9947f1cfbb74ae7a9e4706f8c2b9
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from Silicon Graphics Inc. regarding a vulnerability in IRIX 6.3 & 6.4 mailcap.

systems | irix
MD5 | 9ad4cbdf2c1e558537879b2c831e97a5
Posted Sep 14, 1999

This bulletin informs users of several possible security issues that have been discovered during an internal security review of the Apache source code.

MD5 | eab9511ab17b5dc4d377c8a4fb6d2f74
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Excite for Web Servers, version 1.1, contains a security hole that could allow a malicious user of the software to execute shell commands on the the host system on which EWS has been installed.

tags | web, shell
MD5 | 0ea2cd9eb0493168d6d0bd51e02a2dfb
Posted Sep 14, 1999

There is a weakness in a published version of CrackLib (v2.5, dated 1993) that could lead to a compromise of system privileges.

MD5 | 77133fb5a99bad0f346ca29fe227393b
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Sun announces the release of patches for Solaris which relate to a vulnerability in nis_cachemgr.

systems | solaris
MD5 | 7ab5c4bfc477c802a702024b339e32ad
Posted Sep 14, 1999

The Santa Cruz Operation has discovered a security vulnerability in the implementation of scoterm.

MD5 | 43949d86b45e2c625003a332e364d521
Posted Sep 14, 1999

A vulnerability exists in the GlimpseHTTP and WebGlimpse web search packages. This bulletin provides details.

tags | web
MD5 | 7fae0f5467cce63b95053937a9d271d3
Posted Sep 14, 1999

NEC Corporation has identified and corrected a problem with the "nosuid" mount(1) option. This bulletin gives details.

MD5 | 8b753d338d244d201cd0cd941e7a1f0d
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Open Group has discovered that OE has a potential problem in the security server that could allow for a denial of service attack. This bulletin includes source code fix information.

tags | denial of service
MD5 | 55f3137dd159874ef1887e998df8873e
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from The Samba Team concerning a security vulnerability.

MD5 | ef64f39c0806a9d9ae74a67fb9beed8b
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from Cisco Systems about vulnerabilities in CHAP authentication.

tags | vulnerability
systems | cisco
MD5 | 5924760e4cadd5a9c19307193b491de6
Posted Sep 14, 1999

A Silicon Graphics Inc. Security Advisory addressing vulnerabilities in the IRIX webdist.cgi, handler, and wrap programs, part of the Outbox subsystem.

tags | cgi, vulnerability
systems | irix
MD5 | 6420178d9ab566b36dcf4a0f01c940d3
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from Transarc Corp. about a vulnerability in Transarc DCE Integrated login for sites running both AFS and DCE.

MD5 | 14438a5f766ab2171693e02aa8352578
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from members of the lynx-dev mailing list about a vulnerability in temporary files that enables users to replace the temporary file with a symbolic link or with another file.

MD5 | 4dd93b5f6cbf058e506d74de5683781f
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Information from members of the lynx-dev mailing list about a vulnerability in Lynx downloading that enables users to read or execute arbitrary files regardless of restrictions set by the system administrator.

tags | arbitrary
MD5 | d55917f8fcdb6a600b3e814878e0b01f
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