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Posted May 14, 2002
Authored by Tim Lawless | Site

The Saint Jude Solaris Kernel module is a port of the StJude_LKM kernel module into the Solaris 8 kernel for both 32 and 64 bit architectures. This Module implements the Saint Jude Model for the detection of improper privilege transitions. This will permit the discovery of local and remote root exploits during the exploit itself. Once discovered, Saint Jude will terminate the execution, preventing the root exploit from occurring. This is done without checking for attack signatures of known exploits, and thus should work for both known and unknown exploits. This is the First public release of the StJude Solaris Kernel Module (SKM). The Version number, though, parallels the capability and maturity of its sister program StJude_LKM. Tested on single and dual Sparc and ultrasparc I/II on Solaris 8.

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systems | unix, solaris
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