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Posted Dec 31, 1999
Authored by scut | Site

Zodiac is a portable, extensible and multithreaded DNS tool. It is meant to be used as a DNS packet monitor and DNS protocol test and debuging tool. It's basic features are: sniffing of DNS datagrams on an ethernet device, decoding of all types of DNS packets, including safe decompression (partly finished, SOA record are, for example, not decoded yet), nice display and gui, if you like ncurses and text based frontends, always interactive in all situations through built in command line, threaded and flexible design. Advanced features include: local DNS spoof handler, jizz DNS spoof, exploiting a weakness in old bind implementations, determines jizz-weakness, id-prediction and resolver type remotely, id spoofing, exploiting a weakness in the dns protocol itself, implements some advanced DNS denial of service attacks, including flood, label compression and unres attack, advanced DNS smurf.

tags | denial of service, local, spoof, protocol
systems | unix
MD5 | b4879fd854efa41ed52aef5bd8522b4c
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