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Posted Aug 22, 2000
Authored by Foundstone Labs | Site

FPipe is a TCP source port forwarder/redirector that can be used to force a TCP stream to always connect using a specific source port. This tool can be used to get around firewalls that only accept traffic originating from common source ports.

tags | tcp
MD5 | b5c77897d256fcead84f898462dccf06
Posted Aug 15, 2000
Authored by Arne Vidstrom | Site

Inzider v1.2 shows which processes listen at which ports, and can be used to find Back Orfice 2000 when it is hidden in another process. This is like LSOF for Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.

systems | windows, 2k, 9x, nt
MD5 | 0d46638e9baca3a8fd88dca08251d120
Posted Aug 15, 2000
Authored by Arne Vidstrom | Site

FakeGINA intercepts the communication between Winlogon and the normal GINA, and while doing this it captures all successful logins (domain, username, password) and writes them to a text file. FakeGINA shows at least one very important thing - one should never use the same password on more than one system. If one system is compromised, the attacker might use something like FakeGINA to capture all the passwords, and then use them against other systems.

MD5 | 9a55ee09bba39df20b06092fe138e7bd
Posted Jul 4, 2000
Authored by Txgreg

Ginastub.dll v1.0 - A WinLogon password grabber which records every users password as they log in.

MD5 | bb90d66b38de831aa0b61e65b43b46d8
Posted Jun 19, 2000

Intact Open Use is a host integrity checking system for Windows 95/98. This is only a 30 day trial. Intact can detect change in the filesystem and registry.

tags | registry
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | faf326ba85440d2abe2d403f1496a03c
Posted Apr 23, 2000
Authored by Freddy Laplaine | Site

regback.asm is a backdoor for NT written in pure asm.

MD5 | 4ddb1703b127da9916bc98d1c7f287a2
Posted Mar 28, 2000
Authored by Bindview Security Research | Site

Strace for NT is a debugging/investigation utility for examining the NT system calls made by a process. It is meant to be used like the strace (or truss) on linux and other unix OSes. What make strace different is that is hooks every system call instead of just selected ones, giving you an excellent idea of what the process is really doing.

systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 297c0446a99c0d277c7d6d5808c17109
Posted Feb 24, 2000

EvntSlog v3.2 takes NT system logs and sends them out in syslog format over the syslog UDP port so all the logs from your NT and unix boxes can be stored on the same unix box.

tags | udp
systems | unix
MD5 | 6ba413c1ef3369703fc6f12f4999a4b8
Posted Feb 11, 2000
Authored by JD Glaser | Site

NTOMax v1.0 - A scriptable, server stress testing tool.This tool takes a text file as input and runs a server through a series of tests based on the input. The purpose of this tool is to find buffer overflows and DOS points in a server.

Changes: Trial parameter lets you view the buffer to be sent w/o sending it, verbose toggle, norecv parameter, and reopen parameter. This version fixes many timeout errors users were getting.
tags | overflow
MD5 | a45e3ca1b8084be01110cb923d92e219
Posted Feb 8, 2000
Authored by Gregg Branham | Site

SPCheck is a command line utility that can be used to check the service pack and hot fixes on any NT Workstation or Server (assuming you have administrative privileges on the machine). SPCheck v.1.4 checks multiple machines and generates a web page or a comma-delimited text file that you can easily import in a spreadsheet or database program. SPCheck works by remotely connecting to the Registry of NT machines. It parses through the registry information looking at the key for the Service Pack and for the hot fix subkeys.

tags | web, registry
MD5 | 66c55f4a2b42a260c5a13400525cb38a
Posted Jan 11, 2000

Intact Open Use is a host integrity checking system for Windows NT available free for non-commercial use. Intact can detect change in the NT filesystem and NT registry. Other versions of Intact include Intact Intelligence and Intact Enterprise. Unlike Intact Open Use, these can monitor a system for change and build an optimal configuration file containing objects and object characteristics which do not normally change. To clarify, this is a lightweight free version.

tags | registry
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | c14a46657255c17601b40c87dda97dce
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by The Schmoo Group | Site

Simple perl scripts for generating a catalog of MD5 hashes of executable files under NT, and later comparing the catalog to new snapshots. Compares based on missing or additional files, differing MD5 hashes, modification dates, and file attributes.

tags | perl
MD5 | ae0ecd55a972ef0758e86d2bb011b6b4
Posted Dec 17, 1999

Windows NT rootkit project v0.31 alpha. This build is testing a new technique called EXE Redirection which can hide any trojan from the user. If you open, hash, CRC, or scan the file - you see the original file, but if you execute the file, you get the trojan. This is a very powerful stealth technique. Also, this build sports the ability to hide registry keys and values.

tags | trojan, registry
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 7224a8c29d36421ba801c7fba8c83a90
Posted Nov 30, 1999
Authored by Arne Vidstrom | Site

DelGuest deletes the built-in Guest account in Windows NT. This account is supposed to be impossible to delete, and it is impossible to delete through the ordinary user interface, but with DelGuest you can do it.

systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 835c226ee7904c1b92b094dc9c004d00
Posted Nov 10, 1999
Authored by HB3

NT_security.reg contains a lot of reg entries that NT users should 'exec' in order to secure their NT ws/servers.

MD5 | e903e0d7041711cf391847d7c8258aa2
Posted Nov 5, 1999

Caezar's Regwrite Injector.

MD5 | fbf8e35052464267c02fd16b5baf2f04
Posted Oct 21, 1999
Authored by JD Glaser | Site

NT OBJECTives, Inc. Presents - Seek and Destroy Network Tools. NTO Tools includes four new tools: Lservers[tm], NTOLog[tm] and NPList[tm] and NTODrv[tm]. NTOLog[tm] is a Powerful, network wide backup/clear utility for NT logs.i LServers[tm] is a NetBIOS name dumper. NPList[tm] is a NT network process dumper. NTODrv[tm] is a NT network driver/service dumper. Download NTO Seek/Destroy Tools[tm].

MD5 | 07d2c994139b595e5747a7ff4595303b
Posted Oct 15, 1999
Authored by JD Glaser

PacketX 1.0 is a native Windows NT firewall testing tool that allows for complete TCP/IP packet creation. It creates packets to be 'fired' at a firewall in validation tests so that firewall rules can be confirmed. PacketX[tm] contains complete TCP/IP packet spoofing technology in order to verify the approval/denial of internet domain address against firewall ACL's. Freeware version.

tags | spoof, tcp
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 62f7fb47d7b1f7a9decd3f5b7555c712
Posted Oct 14, 1999
Authored by JD Glaser

3 NT tools - lservers is a NetBIOS name dumper that quickly lists names of PDC's, BDC's, NT boxes, etc. NTOLog backs up or copies NT log files. Can use stdin or input from lservers. NPList can dump all processes on the network. Example: lservers \\HOSTX XDOMAIN /nt | nplist | grep l0phtcrack.

MD5 | 1f83531dab5627d5ad25b549496a9c3c
Posted Oct 14, 1999
Authored by JD Glaser

Documentation for NTOtools2.

MD5 | 9965df34fc2a33aed3558077e6d469a5
Posted Oct 5, 1999

FAQ for rasfix.exe

MD5 | f4a73718766ed7996db334ab06de84f2
Posted Oct 5, 1999

FAQ for gsd.exe

MD5 | 4422d2376a43b27252565bb9092618be
Posted Oct 5, 1999

FAQ for strongpass.dll

MD5 | 956f5acaf35f34c4a6223dedec440894
Posted Oct 5, 1999

FAQ for downgrade.exe

MD5 | 10725f3841e8ab4c997f5566880668a3
Posted Oct 5, 1999

FAQ for winfo.exe

MD5 | a58c37057f9b29997c02c3537c51353e
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