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Posted Aug 1, 2001

Sub7 client for Mac OS/X.

systems | apple, osx
MD5 | 48e0d3a8d941e435d752c21a1e1ce234
Posted Aug 1, 2001

Macintosh Sub7 client for Mac OS9 and below.

MD5 | 9ffcad873f536da926c5e6ab185d9df9
Posted Aug 1, 2001
Site securemac.com

Subseven Macintosh Edition - Allows macs to be controlled from a PC and vice versa.

MD5 | 934e0586f327c66422cc65ed5a82feb2
Posted Jun 21, 2000
Authored by DarkSider | Site freaky.staticusers.net

MacPork is a Macintosh based remote vulnerability scanner which scans for over 271 vulnerabilities and attempts to retrieve /etc/passwd in 175 different ways. It also detects 177 remote access trojans.

tags | remote, trojan, vulnerability
MD5 | 9b03182f05149cc19bb68b893a5f22df
Posted Jan 22, 2000
Authored by WeeDo | Site freaky.staticusers.net

Wingate VaccuuuUUuuUUum 1.0b3 for Macintosh - This is a program to easily get a large list of proxies out of Undernet IRC servers. Put it your favorite undernet server - it checks their ban list and scans the IP's for proxies.

MD5 | 8d0125b24acdd8f59a954e3ef45e6852
Posted Jan 22, 2000
Authored by DarkSider | Site freaky.staticusers.net

MacPork 1.5 is a CGI scanner for the Macintosh platform which scans for 130 vulnerabilities and can use 45 of them to retrieve a passwd file.

tags | cgi, vulnerability
MD5 | f6abc593940bb5076ec02a36d8fa6778
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by DarkSider | Site freaky.staticusers.net

Macintosh - MacPork new Developed by Team2600 MacPork is a auditing tool like many seen for unix platforms, this is a small program that allow you to scan a server for tracking holes and exploiting them. MacPork scan over 130 vulnerabilities and retrieve a passwd file in 45 differents manners. It's the best scanner/retriever ever made on both macintosh and unix.

tags | vulnerability
systems | unix
MD5 | 8949e7ed2904259b2cdff115c3fcb8c6
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Freaky | Site freaky.staticusers.net

Macintosh - MagicKey III Created by SystemCowboy of Digital-Rebels The program will atempt to crack a users account on an appletalk network. OS8 Ready.

MD5 | 626790d898ed56756dcadc477d83fa65
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