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Posted Dec 6, 2001
Authored by Cristiano Lincoln Mattos

ARPtool has basically two functions: 1) it maps all the ip's on the same ethernet cable segment/LAN as the machine it runs on, which is useful to determine the hosts that could be victim of sniffing, hijacking, etc. 2) a general ARP generator function, for sending customized ARP packets, which can be used for spoofing hosts, DoS, etc.

tags | exploit, spoof
MD5 | f96b72b99bc27148614c3ba749b43823
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by 9x

9x CGI-BIN bug finder scans for cgi-bin exploits.

tags | exploit, cgi
MD5 | d778207f5c6eae4a1583c20ab2fb087c
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by David Litchfield

Program to test the MS IIS 4 logging avoidance bug: ms-iis4-avoid-log.txt.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 3dd8c2a0d3cbe439ae963a1871f8217e
Posted Aug 17, 1999

mIRC 5.5 'DCC Server' hole Exploit Code - mIRC 5.5 new dcc server feature doesn't filter metachars(such as . and \) from sent filenames. This script fakes the sending of a harmless file and then puts malicious file in a wanted destination dir on the same harddrive (autostart dir is a good choice).

tags | exploit
MD5 | cce7c650777ea5154ff9ce50728333dc
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by CYB0RG/ASM

Description of simple, working exploit that causes selected remote server to consume massive amounts of bandwidth.

tags | exploit, remote
MD5 | 8e67ab16a7588e5c8495b5130d1e23a7
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by CKS

A simple CGI scanner with debug and exploit download features IF any CGI holes are found.

tags | exploit, cgi
MD5 | 4b63aa0a552283d3004f65cc5b028f04
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by Bronc Buster of LoU

Cgi Scanner v1.4 - Scan remote web servers for all commonly known and potentially exploitable CGI scripts. Some scripts are better (coded, designed, optimized, complete) than others, and this is one of those better scripts.

tags | exploit, remote, web, cgi
MD5 | 527ed23824ee7d98664df366ab287a20
Posted Aug 17, 1999


tags | exploit, code execution, file inclusion
MD5 | 115c652b4a48c759b2b98a3c1cc6bbe4
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Multiple vulnerabilities in ControlIT(tm) (formerly Remotely Possible/32) enterprise management software versions 4.5 and earlier. Local root compromise, Denial of Service attack.

tags | exploit, denial of service, local, root, vulnerability
MD5 | 33de7bbbb8a99c40f13b8345003b35ba
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by Juan Carlos Garcia Cuartango

MSIE 4 Privacy Issue: clipboard content can be made public by a javascript code two lines long. Exploit code included.

tags | exploit, javascript
MD5 | 7154c397ae28f144018828ec5c3b509d
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Numerous Digital Unix 4.0 exploitable buffer overflows introduced with new executable stack in 4.0 versions.

tags | exploit, overflow
systems | unix
MD5 | bf7c8637c1e74fa11dc113542d3b4c6d
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by Seth McGann

ASM shellcode exploit, with good explanation, for Digital Unix 4.0 buffer overflow, resulting in local root compromise.

tags | exploit, overflow, local, root, shellcode
systems | unix
MD5 | 1f3033454771352110ac2627efd661d2
Posted Aug 17, 1999

FoolProof found to be full of security glitches. This info is by no means new or unknown, but this file summarizes many of the known exploits and loopholes very well.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 5f0bf322b6c876b3a390bdff2465c556
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by ManicX v0.01 - Local FTP server spoofer: Many FTP clients these days have a text file called (program-name).ini which will store the info like site-name, user-name, encrypted password and account-name. Instead of trying to decrypt the password for each different application (ws_ftp etc) do this: edit the (program-name).ini, wherever there is a site-name change it to, start this perl scipt, open your ftp program and click connect.

tags | exploit, local, perl, spoof
MD5 | 29461ca5d46edf5fa5be89481bba2390
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by ManicX v0.01 - Zipped version of the above perl script.

tags | exploit, perl, spoof
MD5 | d2048360cd41114eeb5237baa494d1d9
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by Netherpunk

ws_ftp security design weaknesses allow malicious cracker to take advantage of cached passwords with weak encryption. Remote root compromise possible.

tags | exploit, remote, root
MD5 | 5da15f14ab90f2a47f156373f8992049
Posted Aug 17, 1999


tags | exploit, trojan
MD5 | c053f99fd54ec82ee707de14e6ade087
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by eEye Digital Security

IIS FTP Exploit/DoS Attack - Buffer Overflow in 3.0 and 4.0 versions of IIS results in Denial of Service attacks and possibility of remote execution of code.

tags | exploit, remote, denial of service, overflow
MD5 | eeca972f4cf1d65bc333ef4b5df5b3c9
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by J.J.F

A denial of service problem has been found in Inferno 2.0. A program written in Limbo can produce a denial of service consuming all the memory of the computer. The Inferno's commands to prevent this DoS are not able to stop this attack. (Advisory in Spanish).

tags | exploit, denial of service
MD5 | 7be8f2a57fc6277a96fdc1a68adc85a6
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Bug in Linux 2.2.0 kernel allows any local user to execute a Denial of Service attack, forcing system reboot.

tags | exploit, denial of service, kernel, local
systems | linux
MD5 | 3369782f9296ae213a97b68df595191f
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by Plasmoid

lpstat Exploit code for Solaris 2.6/2.7 X86 versions, resulting in local root compromise.

tags | exploit, x86, local, root
systems | solaris
MD5 | fd72e9145b76ee117fbb513ccc7efa9e
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by David Litchfield

IIS 4 Request Logging Security Advisory - Combination of problems with Microsoft IIS 4 servers allow successful HTTP requests to go unlogged.

tags | exploit, web
MD5 | 8ebec3e41f436e55657c8197315cb896
Posted Aug 17, 1999


tags | exploit
MD5 | d8b4cf61d437facc79d4d89cab62799f
Posted Aug 17, 1999

MSIE 4, 5, Outlook and MS Word 97 security hole allows remote attacker to run hostile VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programs on your PC or workstation without your having to click on any links or download anything. Simply VIEWING a hostile web page can leave you completely vulnerable to trojans, viruses, file deletion, information theft, etc.

tags | exploit, remote, web, trojan
MD5 | 5290f45f4a02faa4fe9fec0c7b655b38
Posted Aug 17, 1999


tags | exploit
MD5 | 605c274bfa2b455e7768024876c63238
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